Echoes of Earth Enthralls Bangaloreans

We often go to a music concert that combines a social cause with artistic excellence to appeal to a larger audience. However, we rarely find a musical festival that is totally wedded to the cause. I recently participated in an event named ‘Echoes of Earth’ that invited its audience to bring along pets, displayed eco-friendly art installations, urged us to eat organic food and invited them to attend waste recycling workshops!

Organized by Swordfish Events and Watson’s Bar, the Echoes of Earth musical festival was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that enthralled the audience with some soulful music and dazzling display of art installations. In fact there was something surreal about the whole experience; like a going through a dream sequence that remains vividly etched in our memories!

Held on 26th and 27th of November 2016 at Embassy International Riding School, Bangalore, the artist line-up at the festival included: Susheela Raman, Talvin Singh with Rishabh Seen, Submotion Orchestra, Youngr, Jordan Rakei, Alo Wala, Franca, Sam Maher, The Ska Vengers, Soulmate and many others.

I feel words cannot explain my surreal experience at the Echoes of Earth musical festival. So I would rather share some of my images that can vibrantly depict the psychedelic nature of events –

The uniqueness of the Echoes of Earth festival was evident in the dazzling art installation that masquerades as the entry sign. Each letter was decorated from recycled metal scrap, electronic waste, used tyres, and plastic wire.


Art installations were abound at Echoes of Earth. Aesthetically designed art works were displayed at the entry of each of the stage.


There were ample number of stalls from small enterprises to sell some interesting eco-friendly products and organic food items


The most dazzling display was a giant wheel decorated with colourful drapes rotating behind the centre stage to give a dynamic feel


The most famous Indian musician of foreign origin Susheela Raman rendered some soulful songs


Psychedelic images superimposed on barrels gave a surrealistic feel to the stage


Geometric installations gave an aesthetic feeling to resting lounges


Inviting pets was the most peculiar aspect of the festival


Levine Lawrence
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