4 Modern Kitchen Design Tips to Swear By



There is no denying that the kitchen is the most frequented area of your home. So, it should be functional, convenient, and easy to use. Lately, people have been moving away from traditional kitchen designs to a more modern kitchen.

This is because a modern kitchen design is highly functional, looks stylish, and takes care of all your needs. If you want to transform your kitchen into a modern kitchen design, here are 4 kitchen design tips to swear by.

Colour Palette

The colour palette in a modern kitchen design is one of the most important aspects of it as it lays the foundation for your kitchen. When selecting the colour palette you must take various factors into consideration like lighting, space, kitchen appliances, and more.

It is important that you don’t get influenced by trends and select colour designs that are bold like dark shades and stripes as there is a great possibility that you will not like these in the next few years.

The best colour choice for your modern kitchen design is to go for something neutral and timeless. Going for a monochromatic colour scheme can be a great option. You can select two colours that are muted yet complementary like white and grey, and add an accent colour like yellow to brighten up the space.

Kitchen Islands and Walkways

A kitchen island can be personalised according to the modern kitchen design that best fits your specific needs. A kitchen island is multi-purposeful as it can be used for chopping, cooking, keeping appliances, and even eating.

 A kitchen island in modern kitchen design can be placed in the centre of the space or in one corner. The colour of this must be in tandem with the colour palette of the walls, floor, and cabinets.

A defining feature of a modern kitchen design is clean  and minimalist space. Which means having no clutter, and enough space to walk around. You must make sure that there is enough space to move around the kitchen freely and maneuver while cooking easily.

Minimalistic Design

A modern kitchen design must focus on the integral elements of the kitchen. It must be uncluttered, and clean. Unlike other kitchens, modern kitchen design doesn’t have any art or decorative pieces hanging from the walls or have any confusing textures.

The concept behind modern kitchen design is that less is more and there is no need to fill up space with things that don’t serve any purpose. This extends to the kitchen island and cabinets as well.

The cabinets in modern kitchen design emphasise minimalist design and clean lines which makes frameless cabinets a must-have. Their simple yet stark design gives a refined and elegant look to the kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances

There will be many appliances that will be kept on display in your kitchen, thus making sure that they fit well with your modern kitchen design is necessary. There must be sufficient space for your kitchen appliances while also leaving some free space.

The height at which the appliances are placed also needs to be appropriate. In your kitchen design, the microwave must be placed at a height so that it is easy to access for everyone. They also need to be kept away from corners as that may not allow the door to open all the way.

Transforming your kitchen into a modern kitchen design can seem daunting if you are doing it alone. So, you are looking for someone to bring your modern kitchen design ideas into reality, you can get an interior designer from a reputable company to help you. Livspace is a wonderful choice for this.

Livspace will understand your lifestyle and curate a modern kitchen design perfect for you. It has many modular kitchen solutions that can be customised based on layouts, colours, finishes, accessories, and more.

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