8 Reasons Why Your Next Food Order Must Be From KFC


Reasons Why Your Next Food Order Must Be From KFC

Being in a city like Chennai is like being in a haven of food. The city caters to multiple cuisines giving a vast array of food choices. Yet, when it comes to chicken favourites, KFC is one of the world-famous choices. After all, this food hub serves uniquely flavoursome food. Here are some of its best qualities uncovered. 

Crunchy Outside- Juicy Inside

When the KFC advertisement says, “Crunchy outside and juicy inside” and “It’s finger-lickin good,” they mean it! You will surely know how the tagline is justified with every bite. What makes the food franchise unique is the secret recipe for the crunchy chicken, which includes multiple herbs and spices (that are yet undisclosed). 

Every chicken meal here, including burgers, chicken popcorn, leg pieces, or snacks, has the perfect addition to this unique chicken recipe, making it distinct from all the other recipes you will find in different restaurants. 

Super-Saving Combos

KFC is a complete combination of a variety of chicken recipes that you can savour at affordable prices. For this, the restaurant is available online on its own official website as well as on the online platform of Swiggy, bringing you numerous discount deals and offers every day. If you are in the mood to order something today, then do have a quick check on Swiggy. Here, you will find location-specific restaurant branches, followed by a wholesome menu with all dishes. Moreover, try your luck each day with the discount offers online and save a big fat amount with each offer. 

A Perfect Place For Families

Looking for a restaurant where you can find a meal for everyone, from adults to kids? Then KFC can be your switch. This place is a modern solution for food choices matching both millennials and GenZs. After all, be it the hot and crispy chicken wings to satiate yourself from chicken goodness or chicken burgers for a comforting dinner, you find everything here. 

Full-Fledged Burger Meal

Are you planning a chicken dinner tonight? Then, search nowhere else than your nearest KFC. After all, they have a full burger meal here to satisfy your hunger in the best way it can. For this, the restaurant owns lip-smacking burger meals like Zinger Pro Burger & Popcorn Meal and Zinger Pro Burger & Chicken Meal. Each with juicy burger buns, a crunchy yet chewy chicken patty, a finesse in the addition of veggies, and this amazing burger followed by fried chicken and a beverage. Order this meal and find yourself diving into the world of unique chicken flavours. 

The Uniqueness Of Chicken Chizza

While the crispy chicken was making a smooth path, KFC introduced another marvelous addition to its menu list: chicken chizza. Here, the base is served with a topping of immense cheese, herbs, and veggies. But what is so different about it?

It is the pizza base, which is not actually pizza bread but a base of crunchy fried chicken. Instead of picking a slice of bread with amazing toppings, you actually get to experience a roller-coaster ride of chicken. This is why the delicacy is a must-try. The restaurant offers many combos, like Chicken Chizza, Chicken Chizza & Wings Meal, Duo Chicken Chizza, Chicken Chizza & Pepsi Combo, Chicken Chizza & Dessert Meal, etc. 

Chicken Burger Buddy Meal

This buddy meal is your instant saviour if you have invited your friends over. After all, the burger buddy meal is a pack of two scrumptious chicken zinger burgers and a medium bucket of chicken popcorn. Have a blast together, or maybe have a chicken blast together. 

In fact, there is another option of a burger buddy meal, including Mixed Chicken Zinger Burger Doubles, which adds a double dose of chicken crunch and spices. Ordering a fun burger meal every time you guys meet gives you more reasons to hang out together. 

An Exploration of Buckets

Your order for KFC is incomplete without wavering through the varieties of buckets. Here, you get to explore a wholesome range of buckets like Chicken Bucket for Two with hot and crispy chicken and smokey chicken included in it. More options include All in One Chicken Bucket (1 Leg Pc, 1 Hot & Crispy, 2 Wings, 2 Strips, 1 Zinger Fillet, 3 Dips, and a beverage), Stay Home Chicken Bucket (4pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 4 Hot Wings, 6 chicken peri peri boneless strips & 2 delicious dips), Big 12 – Chicken Bucket (6pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 6 Hot Wings & 2 dips), and more choices. Choose the one that can satisfy your taste buds the most. 

Unique Options in Munchies

Does popcorn and chips strike first in your mind when thinking about munchies? Here is an updated version for you. It includes popcorn but chicken popcorn and chips but finger chips or french fries. One of the famous buckets of munchies here is Chicken Popcorn & French Fries Bucket, available at affordable prices. If your cricket fever is on, then you have to order it beforehand. After all, nothing can be a better munching option than this. 

In fact, for the present cricket season, KFC has introduced a match-making menu with buckets like Cricket Crunch Meal, Ultimate Savings Chicken Bucket, Playing 11 Chicken Meal, and many more. 

Exploration Concluded

With this, we can conclude that KFC offers some of the most unique and savoury dishes that are still not replicated anywhere else. So, to explore this box of uniqueness, you can place your order from Swiggy, the online food portal holding all the nearest KFC restaurants with their complete menu. So, visit online, pick the place closest to you, and order from the list of varieties as elaborated above. You will fall harder for chicken when here. Try it!

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