How Regular Mattress Cleaning Can Better Your Sleep Quality



Sleep is a significant but often under-rated aspect of our life. A good night’s sleep is essential for both the body and mind. But out of the many factors that determine how sweet and deep our sleep might be, the mattress we sleep on is perhaps the most essential. Might sound trivial, but don’t be fooled! Cleaning your mattress regularly, does lead to better sleep quality. In fact, it ensures an improvement in overall health and peace of mind. But how can you clean your mattress? Well, if you reside anywhere in the country, especially in south India, then there are many professional services to help you out. For instance, there are several services offering mattress cleaning in Bangalore, Chennai and other cities. Besides, you yourself can clean the mattress at home regularly. Read on for more details. 

Why Is Mattress Cleaning Important?

First of all, it is imperative to know why it is important. There are many benefits of cleaning the mattress regularly. Here is taking a look at them. 

Improves Sleep

The foremost advantage of keeping your mattress clean, is that it improves the quality of sleep. Below are the different ways in which a clean mattress can improve sleep. 

Removes dust and dirt

Dust and dirt particles are likely to collect on the surface of the mattress. All of these cause disturbance and discomfort while sleeping. But once the mattress is clean and free of dust, it offers a comfortable cozy surface making it easier to sleep. 

Removes insects, bacteria and fungi

Bugs, insects, bacteria and fungi also make themselves at home on your mattress. Bugs and insects, especially can immediately wake you up or disrupt sleep. Thus, cleaning the mattress regularly helps to remove these organisms.

Reduces allergies and snoring

Both allergies and snoring are primarily caused by allergens and dust particles in the air around you. By cleaning the mattress, you free the air of dust mites and bacteria. Besides, skin allergies can also be prevented by using a clean mattress. Impurities, stains, spills and bugs may have adverse effects on sensitive skin. Also, constant scratching and itchiness cause discomfort while sleeping. Thus, to ensure that allergies and snoring are reduced, and overall health improves, a clean mattress is an essential requirement. 

Improves air quality

One cannot sleep well if there is dampness or an odor in the air. With time, besides dust a number of other particles get accumulated on the mattress. These include oil, sweat and also food particles if you sometimes happen to binge on the bed. The collective odor and discomfort of these particles can hamper the quality of sleep. 

Other Benefits

Besides, improving sleep, a clean mattress offers other benefits too. 

Longevity of the mattress

A clean mattress lasts longer than a dirty one. Due to all the dirt, sweat, oil and dust accumulation, the quality and longevity of the mattress also decreases. Also, many companies that sell and provide mattress cleaning in Bangalore and other cities of India, guarantee that their product is long lasting. Besides they also provide a warranty period and offer cleaning services. 

Increases appeal 

A bedroom is one of the most personal spaces at home. It is also a space that exudes comfort and a sense of belonging. Thus, when one walks into this space, it gives a sense of joy and homeliness to see it clean and tidy. A clean mattress increases the aesthetics and appeal of the room. 

How To Clean the Mattress


Regular mattress cleaning can be easily done at home. However, once in a while, it is advisable to call for specialized cleaning services. For example, companies providing mattress cleaning in Bangalore or any other part of the country, can be easily found and contacted. Most of the companies that sell the mattress also provide for its cleaning services. Otherwise, one can always ask around or search online. 

However, for cleaning the mattress at home on a regular basis, follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove the bedsheets, linen and strip the mattress bare. 
  2. Now using a vacuum cleaner removes the dust and dirt particles from the surface of the mattress. Concentrate more on the seams of the mattress. 
  3. In case, there are spills or stains, then using soap water clean and scrub the specific area. However, don’t use a harsh detergent for it may damage the foam of the mattress.
  4. Also, wash the mattress cover in cold water regularly, at least, once in two weeks to a month. 
  5. Once the mattress is vacuumed, let it out in the open sunlight and air for a few hours. This will help eliminate any bacteria, bugs or fungi. Also, if the mattress is wet in some spots, the sunlight will help dry it out. 

Deep Cleaning

Surface cleaning of the mattress can be done in one or two months. However, once in six months deep cleaning of the mattress is also highly recommended. Again, you can call professional services that provide mattress cleaning in Bangalore and other towns, or equip yourself to do the needful. 

For deep cleaning, one would require a vacuum cleaner attached with an upholstery cleaner. Also, baking soda is a great cleaning agent and can be used to get rid of odors and stains. 

First of all, vacuum the mattress. Then sprinkle a good quantity of baking soda on the mattress and let it be for a couple of hours. Finally, vacuum it once again to remove the residual baking soda. If there are persistent stains, you can also use stain removers, such as hydrogen peroxide. 

Types of Mattresses

There are many types of mattresses available today in the market. Also, there are plenty products available online. For instance, companies that sell and provide mattress cleaning in Bangalore may have a different range of mattresses when compared to companies selling mattresses in hotter cities, such as Ahmedabad or Indore. Thus, it is essential to first read the instructions and information about the mattress that you use. It is important to know the cleaning tips for your mattress, because different types of mattresses may have different cleaning and maintenance methods. 

Lastly, a clean mattress is important to ensure a good night’s sleep. A dirty or unclean mattress can lead to several disturbances and also affect health in the long run. Similarly, not sleeping well on a daily basis can also lead to several health issues. Thus, by the simple way of keeping the mattress clean, one can ensure a better quality of sleep, as well as, improvement in many aspects of physical and mental health. 

“So, if you are living in Bangalore, then immediately find out the companies that offer mattress cleaning in Bangalore. Or if you reside in another city, then do the same for your city. But no matter what, make sure deep cleaning of the mattress is done either at home or professionally, for (both literally and figuratively)– a good sound sleep!”


‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. It is obvious, that overall cleanliness has multiple advantages for our overall health and well-being. Similarly, we keep our home, cupboards, surrounding clean without a doubt. But often, we ignore essential objects, such as mattresses. We assume that by casually dusting the mattress once in a while, we keep it clean. However, regular dusting and cleaning has to be supplemented with dedicated mattress cleaning techniques. Here are a few ways to clean your mattress.,to%20improved%20sleep%20quality%20overall.

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