Cricket as Part of Indian Culture


Cricket as Part of Indian Culture
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There are many cultures and religion followed in a secular country like India, but the only thing that unites the heart and soul of every Indian is cricket. Although India’s National game is hockey but cricket in India has got a huge fan base. With a great many vigorous devotees, cricket is one of the supreme cultures in India. ‘Men in Blue’ is one of the best-known adjectives with which the crazy cricket fans of the country like to call their national cricket squad. Be it a school going child or a retired elderly person, the appeal of cricket has charmed pretty much every Indian. People schedule out all their activities, travel arrangements, leaves, etc. keeping in mind about the timetable of some good matches. During some intense matches different cricket news sites as the gets overloaded by a majority of Indian peoples to get an update about the game. Cricket is additionally the quickest method for befriending an Indian. Regardless of which part of India it is, one can discover children playing cricket with full of energy and enthusiasm anywhere.

Though cricket is the national game of England it is not that much popular in the country. It is also observed that with time West Indies cricket is also losing its sheen. But we Indians who got the game from the British rule has kept on being the fantastic supporters. Indeed, after the introduction of the tremendously prevalent Indian Premier League (IPL), the cricket fever has gone into totally new skylines of popularity and magnificence.

Emily Crick has completely described in her paper, “Cricket and Indian National Consciousness”, that India is a nation that has reached to the level of unity that she always dreamt about and the one and only cause for this is the craze and love for cricket among the people of the nation.

As the game is very much popular in India, it attracts a large number of sponsors as well. Additionally, past stats suggest that the Indian team plays a much higher number of games as compared to any other cricket team across the globe and each game is treated like a ritual. It will be really hard to get a vacant seat in the stadium whenever there is a match in the country. Apart from international matches, domestic tournaments like Irani Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and Ranji Trophy has also got a good number of supporters. These are some of the important factors that make The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as the wealthiest cricket board around the world. Whenever the International Cricket Council (ICC) conducts any tournament, it earns most of its revenue from the nations whose people are crazy for cricket. 

Cricket being a religion does not come up with any holy book but has several of its Gods. India has delivered a few incredible cricketing legends who have contributed hugely by setting individual achievements in cricket history. These cricketers have also been respected by several awards from international association, cricket boards and universities for their unachievable milestones and records. Legends like Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, etc. have given this game a bright past. Some great talents named as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kholi, etc. have made the people of India well accustomed about its sheen present, proving the fact that cricket is going to have a good future in India. It will be totally wrong to forget the greatest of all the legends. You are guessing it right, its’s Sachin Tendulkar. It has become a popular saying that if you believe cricket to be a religion then Sachin is the living God for it. Sachin Tendulkar is regarded as the star cricketer of all time. He is worshipped and admired by not only the Indians but by almost all cricket fans and players on the Earth. 

In addition to the above-mentioned Gods in India, the culture of cricket also consists of its festivals which is celebrated in the form of victories. Every win is celebrated, cheered and admired by all. But whenever the Indian team loses, all the people of the country motivates them, inspires them and congrats them for a good game.

In addition to making individuals nibble their fingernails in stress and tension, cricket plays a noteworthy job in setting up a worldwide diplomatic relationship as well. In the blog of the University of Southern California, Paul Rockowner has written that there was a period of rising tension in 1987 between the two neighboring countries i.e. India and Pakistan on the matter of Kashmir. Armies at the borders from both the sides were at high alert. Rajiv Gandhi, the Indian Prime Minister invited the President of Pakistan, Zia ul-Huq to attend the Test match between India and Pakistan in India. Pakistan’s President accepted the proposal and the incident played an important role to drop this rising tension into ease.

The dedication and love for cricket in India is an incredible indication of progress and harmony. Today we see a dream in the eyes of many teens to be the next Sachin or the next Dhoni of the country. The fantasy is legitimate in an obvious sense. With a “cricket-kit” on their shoulder, these inspiring eyes are dreaming to spread the spirit of sportsmanship and removing away some of the devilish concepts of war, terrorism, and hostility from society. The love and passion of a cricketer can only be known by individuals who have spent the whole day practicing hard on the cricket field, running with the ball, against the ball, and after the ball. We should stand along with them, support them and should keep them always inspired and motivated for their dream.

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