Manu Mukundan

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession with a passion for Science, history and politics. Reading and writing has always occupied a chunk of my free time but my attempts at publishing them were limited to the college magazine. I am a supporter of progressive organizations and just want to express myself and be heard.

Patriotism in India – Are We Being Selective?

Why are we being selective in our definition of patriotism in India? Shouldn't other topics that concern the development of the nation also be upheld?

Is India Becoming an Intolerant Nation?

What aggrieves a liberal Indian is the level of intolerance that is being exhibited unabashedly. It’s time we ask if India has become an intolerant nation?

The Apolitical Indian

Indian Politics is a great game where everyone gets involved someway. Is it possible for a citizen to stay apolitical in such matter?

The Cost of Death – Hindu Funeral Rites

Hindu funeral - Hindus believe in the afterlife and reincarnation of the spirit, their funeral rites have a deep spiritual meaning. This religious custom has imposed a huge Cost of Death and has become big business

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