How to Make Your Winter Road Trip Safe!


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Let us mark the beginning of the year 2020 with great enthusiasm and adventure. And nothing sounds more exhilarating than hitting the road during the winter season. This year, how about you plan a bike trip and make some unforgettable memories along the way.

Whether it is a solo bike trip or with a bunch of your friends, safety is a priority factor and thus cannot be neglected. Here are a few essential elements for a safe road trip on bike this winters –

Choose a comfortable bike

Once it is decided that you are planning a road trip on a bike, you must immediately evaluate whether the bike you have is convenient for the distance trip or not. Get it serviced and modified if needed. 

For instance, you may want a more comfortable seat or a different headlight. Taking a bike road trip admittedly sounds fun, but you should also be able to travel comfortably throughout the journey.

Have a bike insurance plan in place

It goes without saying that a bike insurance plan is a must. With Bajaj Allianz bike insurance, you can ride carefree. You do not have to worry about any distress during the trip as you can easily avail cashless claim facility at any of the network garages across the country. 

Moreover, a comprehensive bike insurance plan will cover you not only for third-party liabilities but also for the damage caused to your vehicle.

Do not overpack

Another most important thing that you need to remember is not to overpack. Preferably, you can carry disposable items that can be thrown away. For instance, instead of carrying shampoo bottles, carry the shampoo sachets. 

Also, make sure that you are not carrying too many clothes. Necessarily, you can wash and reuse them. When packing, do not fold clothes but instead roll them, and they acquire less space. Lastly, carry necessary medicines in case of emergencies.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated on the trip is crucial. The journey can come to an end if you start suffering from dehydration. Hence, make it a rule to drink water at every halt you take.

Take breaks

It is a must that you take breaks during your entire journey. Take halts after every few kilometers or at least after every few hours. This solely depends on how much distance you intend to travel in one go. Also, when taking a halt, check the fuel levels and fill your tank if needed.

Do not forget to carry tools

Before you leave for the trip, visit your service centre and bring along all the necessary tools. Make it a point that you remember taking essential engine oil, brake cables, spare tube, and so on.

Taking a road trip on your bike may sound exciting, but mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere. Hence, if you keep the above pointers in mind when planning a road trip on your bike, you will be ready to take on any road adventure that you decide upon. 

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