Beaches of Karnataka: A Sight to Behold!


Beaches of Karnataka
Image – Karunakar Rayker/Flickr

Karnataka is a state famous for its silk and sandalwood from Mysore, the tourist destinations of Hampi and Coorg, the Mangalorean Cuisine and so much more. And when it comes to awesome beaches, let’s just say that’s another one to add to the pros column. It is rightly said, “Life takes you down many paths but my favourite ones always lead to the beach.” Let’s go on a trip to some of the best beaches of Karnataka-

1. Gokarna Beach

Beaches of Karnataka-Gokarna Beach
Image/Axel Drainville/Flickr

Situated near Mahabaleshwar temple, this beach is a rather perfect fit for anyone who yearns for solitude among the calming waves due to the secluded nature of the beach. This beach has a long white sand coastline where picnics are held or one can maybe grab a bucket and a shovel and build a sandcastle. Apart from this, Gokarna Beach also offers water sports such as jet skis and banana rides which is something that must be tried to get an immersive experience of the place. The beach itself is quite pristine and has a lot of shacks where you can relax and take in the marvellous view in front of view.

2. Paradise Beach

Beaches of Karnataka Paradise-beach-Gokarna
Image – Smriti Rai/Pixahive

When it comes to this famous beach of Karnataka, I need not describe this one, for the name itself exemplifies it: it’s paradise on Earth. This beach, being the last beach along the Gokarna coastline, is also referred to as the Full Moon Beach. This beach is praised for its cleanliness and possesses a mesmerizing view. Adventure lovers need not worry because this place offers an amazing beach trek as well as water sports. Spent the whole day here and you don’t want to leave? The good news, you don’t have to, for you can set up a tent and camp there overnight.

3. Kudle Beach

Beaches of Karnataka-Kudle Beach
Image/Abhinav Bhatt/Flickr

Kudle Beach may just arguably be one of the best beaches to visit in Gokarna. Its picturesque beauty and charisma are what makes this beach special. Simply laying down and taking in the fresh air there is a cathartic experience. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit because just one dip in these clear, blue waters will wash away any tiredness you might feel. For those of you who possess the courage for it, try out the exhilarating activity of surfing. Amongst everything else that can be done on this beach, there is to do at this beach, my personal favourite is taking a long walk along the lovely coastline at sunset.

4. Om Beach

Beaches of Karnataka Om Beach
Image – Wikimedia

This indeed beautiful beach gets its name from the fact that it resembles the shape of an ‘Om’ because of which it is also considered to be of great spiritual significance to the locals as well as tourists who come to visit this geographical wonder. This beach offers a scintillating view of the Arabian sea during sunrise and sunset. This beach, like any other, allows you to tap into your adventurous side by partaking in activities like speed boat riding, trekking, dolphin spotting, etc. If you’re a foodie, you can explore the local cuisine by eating at the various stalls at the beach that offer mouth-watering delicacies.

5. Tannirbavi Beach

Beaches of Karnataka-Tannirbavi Beach

Feel the refreshing breeze on your face at Tannirbavi Beach. Located towards the southern end of Mangalore, your experience here will be the very definition of a relaxing day at the beach. It is also considered an amazing place for enhancing your swimming skills. A little-known fact about Tannirbavi Beach is that, visible from the coast are the remains of a ship that sank a few decades ago. Don’t forget to bring your camera because the sunset there is a sight you would want to capture.

6. Nirvana Beach

Beaches of Karnataka-Nirvana Beach
Image/Ganesh V Gouda/YouTube

This one on the list is the perfect choice for anyone looking to unwind. You can take a long walk or build sandcastles. Sure, it does not offer elaborate water sports but it will help you find comfort in simplicity. After all, there is a reason this beach is referred to as Nirvana Beach. The pleasant serenity and tranquillity of this place encourage one to take joy in one’s own company. It is highly recommended to take the ferry there for it is a little adventure.

7. Murudeshwar Beach

Beaches of Karnataka-Murudeshwar Beach
Image/Sam Valadi/Flickr

Located near the Murudeshwar temple, this beach is an infamous destination for pilgrims as it is considered to be overlooked by Lord Shiva. The greenery (which consists of coconut trees) and gold adds to the impeccable beauty of this beach. It’s a great spot to have a picnic with your family. If you reach there early in the morning, you might just spot a kingfisher or a flying seagull which is why bird-watching is another popular activity there. A day at this beach will be exhilarating and an experience you do not want to miss out on.

8. St. Mary’s Islands

Beaches of Karnataka-St.Mary's Islands

St. Mary’s islands or the fabulous four are a set of four interconnected islands. (Coconut Island, North Island, Darya Bahadurgarh Island, and the South Island) Each of these possesses its own unique charm. One of the appeals of this island is the volcanic rock formations that attract a lot of tourists, especially geology enthusiasts. Legend also states that before reaching Calicut, Vasco Da Gama stopped here at St. Mary’s island. These islands are of great significance not only for their breath-taking beauty but also in various other spheres which adds to the attractions of these islands.

9. Surathkal Beach

Srihari Kulkarni
Image – Srihari Kulkarni/Flickr

Surathkal Beach, on the Arabian Sea’s shoreline, is a tidy beach with immense visual beauty, located 19 kilometres from Mangalore Railway Station. The beach is frequented in the evenings and offers gorgeous sunsets views. Aside from the beach, the historical Sadashiva Temple is a must-see. When Lord Ganesha set Ravana’s Shivalinga on the ground, legend has it that Ravana attempted to pick it up with force, scattering a few pieces. Suratkal is believed to have received one of the linga’s fragments. A lighthouse sits on a tiny hillside near the Sadashiva Temple. Suratkal is also convenient to access by a daily bus service from Mangaluru.

10. Tilmati Beach  

Image – Abhijeet Rane/Flickr

Tilmati Beach is one of Karnataka’s most gorgeous beaches. The gritty black sand of basaltic rock on this small beach gives the shore a dark appearance. Tilmati refers to sesame sand or sand that resembles sesame. Waves crashing onto the basaltic rocks that make up this region are expected to generate this 200-meter expanse of black sand. It’s an ideal spot for a picnic. It is one of the state’s most unique coastal forestlands due to the richness of plant and animals near the ocean. Visitors can also pitch a tent on the rocks or adjacent slopes to spend the night. Kayaking, rowing, pedalling, and nature walks are among the activities available. The high-speed boat ride is a must-see spectacle. Other activities that kept guests occupied during the day include rock climbing, dolphin watching, bird watching, and a cruise ride.

11. Malpe Beach

Image – Ankur Gupta/Flickr

Malpe Beach is located at the foot of the Udyavara River, also known as the Malpe River by the locals. Malpe Beach is still relatively undeveloped and unfrequented by tourists, with its silver-white sands and jagged islands. It’s a great place to visit in Udupi for people who prefer to enjoy being on the beach alone.

The infinite expanse of golden sand, gracefully swinging palm trees, brilliant blue sky, and cold waves of the Arabian Sea combine to create the ideal setting for a memorable vacation. Aside from that, the beach offers a wide range of adventure and water sports. Jetski, banana rides, speed boat trips, water scooter rides, surfing, and other water sports activities are available. Malpe Beach is also home to the well-known Spring Zouk event, which features some incredible DJs, art, cuisines, and culture and serves as a major tourist draw.  It takes place in the month of February.  The greatest season to visit Malpe is from October to January when the weather is pleasant and clear skies allow you to get the most out of your stay by participating in all of the activities.

12. Ullal Beach

Image – TheThirdEye_nd/Flickr

Ullal Beach is a magnificent beach located to the south of the Nethravati River on the Arabian Sea coasts, about 10 kilometres from Mangalore Railway Station. This is one of Karnataka’s best and most developed beaches, as well as one of Mangalore’s most popular tourist hotspots. Ullal Beach is also the calmest and most serene beach in Karnataka. The sunsets on this silver-white sand are strikingly lovely when viewed through the casuarina woods. Two of the most popular beach activities are sunbathing and swimming. The sunsets on this silver sand beach are particularly beautiful when viewed through the casuarina woods. Swimming and sunbathing are two of the most popular beach pastimes. At Ullal Beach, you can participate in a variety of water activities. Summer Sands Beach Resort, in Ullal, is a favoured picnic spot. The beach is close to the Ullal Bus Station, which is readily accessible from Thokkottu through Kerala Road.

13. Devbagh beach

Devbagh beach

Devbagh Beach is one of India’s most fascinating beaches, as well as one of Karwar’s top locations to visit. This unique island beach is bordered on one side by the huge Arabian Sea and on the other by the dense Western Ghats. The Arabian Sea’s bright blue seas and the range of casuarina trees along the beach are characteristic of this endless stretch of golden sand. In 1916, the renowned poet Sri Rabindranath Tagore paid a visit to this location because of the natural beauty.

Devbagh Beach is noted for its water sports and entertainment as well as its cool breeze and golden sands.nd other water activities are popular here. Devbagh Beach Resorts, which are located near the beach, provide several activities. From the point where the river meets the sea, one can take a cruise up the Kali River. Here, visitors can also enjoy the exquisite flavour of fresh fish.

Beaches are truly synonymous with calm, peace, and relaxation (something we could all use a little bit of). To be on any one of these beaches right now, would be the equivalent of being in heaven on Earth. It is during these times that we have to cling to the hope that we will. Hope is believing that there is light at the end of this tunnel of darkness and that very soon you might be frolicking around in the beautiful beaches of Karnataka and making sandcastles, even if they were to get washed away by the waves a mere few minutes later. So, on that note, see you at the beach. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

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