Experience the Old-world Charm of Goa by Staying at Cidade de Goa



Goa, the quintessential beach getaway is where everybody needs a piece of susegad. The combination of sun, sea and seafood is a delight for every kind of traveler.  A blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, Goa is the place to spend a laid-back holiday in a villa that has an old-world charm. Only a few minutes away from Panjim, on the Vainguinim beach lies a Portuguese hamlet by the name Cidade De Goa. Cidade De Goa is where travelers can spend their lazy evenings and peaceful nights in Goa. 

Cidade De Goa – A Glimpse into the Portuguese Past of Goa

Accommodations in Panjim are easy to come by. However, very few give an experience worth remembering. Cidade De Goa, a 5 star hotel in Panjim, is the place to be to soak in the old world charm of Goa. A quick look of the hotel is inviting enough to spend some luxurious time in the manicured gardens, chequered floors and rooms with the view of the sea. 

Here is how one can rewind back in time at Cidade De Goa. 

Portuguese Architecture


Cidade De Goa is designed by the world-renowned architect Charles Correa who was famous for his creation of modern architectures in post-independent India. Cidade De Goa welcomes travelers and their families in Correa’s intimate alcoves, historic murals, balcaos and tiled roofs.  

Rooms and Suites with Picturesque Views

Cidade De Goa has some of the most thoughtfully designed rooms in Panjim. These rooms and suites have been designed keeping in mind the heritage, space and grace of its historic days. They have enviable views of the sea, Mediterranean architecture, balconies that bring in natural light, private sit-outs and much more. All the rooms open to a different view of the sea and each window is suitable for ruminating. 

Quality Family Time on the Beach


The secluded Vainguinim beach, away from the hustle of the crowd is the perfect place to strengthen bonds and make more memories. The beach has a range of water sports and games for adults and children. 

Relax and Unwind

At Cidade De Goa, those seeking a little bit of calm and peace in life can make use of the friendly services such as the Aromatherapy massages, meditation, Yoga, Tattva Spa, etc. The Tattva Spa is a Cidade De Goa specialty. It has therapies based on the five universal elements of Prithvi, Vayu, Jal, Agni and Aakash. Refreshing spas baths also add on to the Zen experience at Cidade De Goa.

Revel in the Authentic Fado Evenings and Lip Smacking Food


Of all the restaurants in Panjim, Cidade De Goa’s Alfama restaurant offers a traditional Portuguese experience with their Fado evenings every Tuesday. A Fado is a Portuguese song that evokes many human emotions such as love, sorrow, jealousy, satire, etc. Cafe Azul has dining options with a view of the pool. The restaurant serves cuisines from North India, East Asia and Italy. Barbeque, a rustic themed, seasonal open-air restaurant offers grilled delights with a sea-facing view. 

Away from the cacophony of the crowded beaches in Goa, Cidade De Goa is an ideal getaway for families and has something for every type of traveler. When on the lookout for accommodation in Panjim, stay at this 5-star hotel and live the Portuguese experience for real.


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