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Travelling not only brings new moments which can be cherished later, but also it gives us a chance to explore some new places. Whenever I am in travelling mode, I try to grab that opportunity by exploring those places. This time the main attraction was Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh. This city has a very rich natural and cultural heritage and henceforth draws a large number of tourists every year. This place lured me and is gradually emerging to be one of the most popular tourist destinations of our country. Amidst the nature’s bounty, one feels enchanted by the lakes, waterfalls and the forests which are considered to be a part of it’s natural heritage. Chitrakut falls gave me a warm reception as soon as I reached the city. I simply fell in love with the awesome ambience of this waterfall located on Indrāvati River. It was gigantic and has a height of about 98 feet. Due to it’s horse-shoe shape , it is often compared with the Niagara falls of Canada.

Several tourists thronged there in order to get the majestic fervour and enjoy to their hearts’ content. Local boats were plying on the stream down below the thudding waterfall. It was mind-boggling in true sense of the term. An amazing scene was created in front of me when I found a rainbow near the water due to the reflecting sun beams. The waterfall is at it’s best during the monsoon as the volume of water increases. The sight was heavenly and I felt one must visit this place before one dies. On the left bank of Chitrakut falls, there was an ancient Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva which is also worth a visit. The backdrop of this falls (lush green forests) adds to it’s charm and beauty.  

Jagdalpur Travel Guide

One must not forget to visit the Zonal Anthropological museum here as this is the land of tribes. The museum provides a great insight into the life style and culture of Bastar tribes. The Gonds are the most prominent tribes known for their unique Ghotul system of nuptials. Some of the collections in the museum included headgear, ornaments, weapons, attire, musical instruments of various tribes and communities. The Dorla community is also quite popular here. They speak Dorla language which is a Dravidian language and reside in Dantewada and Bijapur districts of Chattisgarh. Some real life huts of these tribal people were constructed in the premises of this museum for the tourists to have a glance at these huts. What I felt after visiting this museum was that they lead a very simple life and feels contented. Perhaps this is the key to their happiness. In cities, we, the urban people often hanker after luxuries, riches which make our life a little bit complicated. However, some other major tribes of this region are Muria, Halbaa, Dhurva and so on. 

Jagdalpur Travel

Jagdalpur is a land of waterfalls and this proved to be so true when I headed towards another waterfall located in a quaint place called the Tamad Ghoomar falls. Unlike other places, this place is quite secluded and the bustling noise of the crowd is hard to find as people have not explored this place much. The stunning vista of this waterfall is a treat to watch. 

The Danteswari temple (Dantewada) is one of the most revered places in Chattisgarh as it is believed that the tooth of Sati fell at this site and hence the name of  the deity has been derived from it. The temple was built in the 14th century and is located about 80kms away from the main city. The ‘Bastar Dusshera’ festival is held every year when the deity of Danteswari is taken out of this ancient temple and a large procession comes out in the streets. Some roads are blocked for others to ensure smooth flow of the deity through the streets. Local people and tribes pay homage to their goddess and celebrate this grand occasion.

Last but not the least the Tirathgarh waterfalls is a paradise on earth. With it’s milky water gushing down the rocky terrains, the sight becomes a heavenly abode. It soothes the mind, body and soul of the visitors and they feel that visiting Jagdalpur is worth every penny. I was rejuvenated and had a similar feeling. This is located on Kanger River and has a height of about 299 feet. One can imagine it’s huge form and this was mind blowing. I was enthralled by it’s beauty, the splendour and the richness of this place to cast a spell upon the tourists. It really did.

Ranging from waterfalls, cataracts to forests this state has surprises galore to offer to it’s visitors and probably this is the reason why tourists yearn to visit this place. The gigantic falls with their roaring sounds gave rise to a question in my mind which is still lingering…how insignificant are we in front of nature? All these are feast for our eyes and wonders of nature. Ultimately we have to surrender in the hands of nature. So let’s take a pledge to protect our Mother Nature so that she can unveil more of it’s hidden gems in the future.


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