Getting the Best Out of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari


Tigers Playing in Water at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari – Image Tigers Heaven Resort

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then the Indian subcontinent holds a fabulous wealth of animal life in its numerous wildlife sanctuaries, National Parks, and tiger reserves. With a very high tiger density, ease of access, and a large assortment of accommodation, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, in central Maharashtra, is becoming increasingly popular. Some tips that can help you to enjoy your safari more:

Expect Your Safari to Be Tiring

Unpredictability is indeed one of the main attractions of a safari and you need to have loads of patience. Even though wild animals in tiger reserves are accustomed to tourists, they tend to be naturally elusive, especially when they are hunting or breeding. The morning safari that starts at 6 am is a wonderful opportunity for spotting animals, but you need to arrive really early at the gate so that you are one of the first visitors to enter. This basically means that you have to get ready really early, finish your ablutions and take a light snack before you start off from your Tadoba accommodation. Remember to carry some refreshments and drinking water. Ensure you are dressed appropriately; layered clothing is better as you can keep on adjusting to the changing conditions.

Barking Deers at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari - Image Tigers Heaven Resort
Barking Deers at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari – Image Tigers Heaven Resort

Get Yourself an Experienced Guide

If you are making your travel arrangements through a conventional tour operator, you might be tempted to take up their offer of a travel guide for the safari, however, make it a point to only engage a local forest guide with loads of experience as otherwise; you will really not be able to maximize your enjoyment. Like all wildlife sanctuaries, Tadoba’s animal movements keep on changing on a daily basis due to various factors. Only a guide who knows what’s going on will be able to get you to the best spots for observing the animals. On the other hand, a novice will keep on taking you on aimless trails that are a complete waste of time and money. Ask your friends who have been to Tadoba before to give you some good references. Without a proper forest guide, you can spend your entire trip without even being able to see a common fox, let alone a tiger.

Accommodation at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari - Image Tigers Heaven Resort
Accommodation at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Safari – Image Tigers Heaven Resort

Safety Is Paramount

On a jungle safari, never take risks, however innocuous they might seem. Always follow the instruction of your guide to the letter and do not get adventurous like getting off the safari vehicle. Even innocent-looking animals can be extremely dangerous so never do anything that might seem remotely threatening; sometimes even pointing a camera can provoke them. Carry a first aid kit and essential medicines, insect repellents, and a hand sanitizer. Do not litter or try to feed animals. Never attempt to light a fire as it can easily go out of hand.


The jungle is a strange and dangerous place. To enjoy your safari to the maximum, get yourself a good guide, and let him take charge. Be responsible, and never do anything that may put at risk the environment and the safety of both yourself and the animals.

Author Bio: Mandy Bular is a retired conservator of forests. A wildlife enthusiast to the core, she is now writing a meticulous tourist guide with tips on animal spotting and booking the best Tadoba accommodation.

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