Holidaying with family or friends?


Holidaying with family

Busy at office, busy at home, busy with academics and no time for family? A holiday is a great way to reconnect and take a break from the monotony.

With everyone busy with work and struggling with different time schedules, there is often an absence of family activities such as dining together or a weekend outing. As a result of the stress and tensions at the workplace or in college, relationships are affected and the bond between family members is often strained.

It is at times like these a family holiday becomes important, sometimes even acting as an indicator of how important one regards one’s family ties. It is a gesture that acknowledges that one’s parents, siblings and children are important and are worth the effort involved in making the journey.

Earlier, parents decided on a place and the family travelled there, no questions asked. With changing times, the entire meaning of a family holiday has been transformed, with children and parents going on separate holidays due to different tastes. As more youngsters travel independently or with friends, the trend of family trips seems to be on the decline.

Avantika, a college student, says, “I would go holidaying with cousins of my age to places where there is a lot of adventure and partying rather than going with my parents on a holiday spot, which is boring.” At the other end of the spectrum is Thanmayi, an engineering student, who prefers going on holiday with family, since they are very jovial and perfect companions.

Malini Muralidhar, a housewife, is all for family trips. She says, “Going on a holiday with my family at least once a year gives me a break from the household chores and tensions and gives me time to relax with my husband and two daughters.” However, some parents complain that even if the children are physically present, their attention is elsewhere.

Meena Anil, a central government employee, says that she has observed that even on a holiday with the family, her children do not show interest in spending some quality time with them. Instead they get busy with games on their mobile phones.

Holidaying with friends

Family vacations are intended to bring people closer, but they might also bring out the underlying tensions. Compromises will have to be made, boredom will have to be endured and minor fights will have to be resolved. However, the benefits outweigh the negatives and a family vacation is often a great way to get to know each other, away from the worries of everyday life.

Busy schedules do not allow for much communication, but a family holiday provides the time to talk to each other about the different developments in each other’s life. Adult children who are working may not be able to take some time out for their aged parents, to sit and talk and ensure their support. Even their aging parents would not want to disturb their children’s schedule.

So, a family holiday acts as a platform for both children and parents to share their problems and find solutions. Even a simple getaway, even if not very expensive or extravagant, can work wonders for a person as well as the family.

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