Top Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh to Visit for a Different Experience


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The name Uttar Pradesh brings names of places like Varanasi, Agra, Lucknow, and the likes. Indeed, the beautiful lanes of Varanasi, the white marble’s wonder of Agra, and mouth-watering kebabs of Lucknow are popular tourist attractions. These places receive hoards of footfall from visitors across the nation and even from other countries. But there is more to Uttar Pradesh as a state with popular tourist places has to offer.  

Other than the most famous places of Uttar Pradesh, there are many offbeat places each state has in store. These places are still untouched by the commercialization of tourism. The offbeat places of Uttar Pradesh hold a unique charm that one must experience. Uttar Pradesh is a state rich in history, culture, tradition, and different communities of people. The tourist attractions of the state are mostly heritage sites. The offbeat places in Uttar Pradesh are equally rich with heritage and beauty that make their place in the hearts of its visitors. Additionally, if you’re looking for convenient transportation to explore these offbeat destinations, you can easily avail of reliable cab services in Delhi to travel to Uttar Pradesh and enjoy the enchanting experiences it has to offer.

In this article, we bring you a list of top offbeat places to visit in Uttar Pradesh. These places have a unique quality that attracts visitors for their heritage value and their rustic beauty. Read on to find out which offbeat place or places in Uttar Pradesh will be your next destination.  

The Residency Lucknow – Historical Architecture of Uttar Pradesh 

Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh, The Residency Lucknow - Historical Architecture of Uttar Pradesh
Image – Wikimedia

The glitz and glamour, the sizzling delicacies, vivid markets, and famous remnants from the period of the Nawabs are common stops while visiting Lucknow. The Residency Lucknow is a heritage site that is often missed by people visiting the city.  

The Residency Lucknow is a heritage building built in the late 1700s for the British General. Lucknow was the administrative hub during the reign of the East India Company. The Residency Lucknow became the home to Awadh’s British commissioner. When one visits the historical site, they get to experience the exquisite British lifestyle and the struggle the countrymen went through to gain independence. The Residency Lucknow has tremendous historical significance. The prime event was the First World War of Independence in 1857.  

The Residency Lucknow is still in the process of making people aware of its importance and significance. This offbeat tourist attraction in the heart of the city of Lucknow is a must-visit, and one will learn more about the fight Indians had put up to make their country free of British rule. 

Fort Rampura 

Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh, Fort Rampura 
Image – Wikimedia

The fort of Rampura is over 600-years-old. Fort Rampura’s location is in the deep Chambal ravines of Bundelkhand. The fort was part of fourteen generations of a royal family. Raja Samar Singh and his family, the owners of Fort Rampura, now offer this place for visitors to stay.  

The fort has a beautiful appeal not just for its architectural wonder but also for its nature. Fort Rampura is easily accessible from Delhi, Kanpur, Agra, Lucknow and is an ideal getaway for the weekend. For those of you who enjoy the wilderness, a place to rejuvenate, and learn about the rural landscape of a place, then Fort Rampura is your spot. The fort misses its place in the list of popular places for visitors in Uttar Pradesh, but its unique features do not diminish. One must visit this offbeat heritage getaway to enjoy a fabulous and bucolic stay in an old fort. 


Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh Kachhpura
Image – Koshy Koshy/Flickr

Kachhpura is a small hamlet in the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh. The tiny village does not cut to attract tourists. But what Kachhpura does hold as a prized possession that must get more attention is the Sanjhi Art.  

The walls of the houses of Kachhpura are beautifully painted with the Sanjhi Art form. Local children paint the walls with paper stencils and natural dyes like lime and terracotta. The patterns of Sanjhi Art are rich with the influence of nature and episodes from Lord Krishna’s life. Kachhpura has imbibed the Sanjhi Art form so adeptly that the main reason to visit this offbeat village is to appreciate the art form. One visiting the small town will witness the pastoral beauty of the place and the decoration the entire place participates in. 

Mahoba – Alah Udal Nagari of Uttar Pradesh

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Those who like history in the lap of nature, well, Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh is your place. Mahoba is a small district in Uttar Pradesh, and the place is a strong contender in the list of offbeat places in Uttar Pradesh because of the temples and forts.  

Mahoba was home to the Chandela Kings. The Chandela Kings made forts and hill-top forts that complement the brilliant engineering of the old days. The temples of Mahoba are atop small hills, valleys, and myriad lakes. It is a place that will generate a very rustic experience within the hearts of its visitors. Visitors will also get to see the Sun Temple at Rahila that was built around the 9th century.  


Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh, Bateshwar   
Image – Wikimedia

Bateshwar lies a short drive away from Agra, and Bateshwar houses 101 Shiva temples in a distinctive complex. For people who would like to take a quick detour and explore some more that Agra offers, the ghats of Bateshwar will be ideal for you. The temples in the complex and 40 other pearl white temples along the banks have great significance to both Hindus and Jains. One can likely visit Bateshwar and get to enjoy a bit more nature and peace along its ghats. 

Wildlife SOS Bear Sanctuary – Wildlife at Uttar Pradesh

Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh, Wildlife SOS Bear Sanctuary
Image – Wikimedia

The Wildlife SOS Bear Sanctuary is ideal for those who like to be in touch with the wildlife. Only a few hours’ drive from Agra; the facility resides in the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary at Keetam, Agra. The sanctuary is home to rescued dancing bears or Sloth bears and other animals caught in the cruelty wildlife faces at the hands of some humans. The place is home to many bears who were once part of a life that only treated them as commodities. This offbeat wildlife sanctuary is a place to help connect these abused animals with a human touch once more, but this time in a positive way.  

Chausathi Ghat 

Offbeat Places in Uttar Pradesh, Chaumsathi Ghat
Image – Wikimedia

Varanasi, its narrow lanes, temples, and ghats are ubiquitously known to every visitor of the place. Most of the ghats of Varanasi are overflowing with pilgrims. Finding a quiet spot for oneself can be a tiring task while visiting Varanasi.  

The Chausathi Ghat is an offbeat ghat that does not attract too many people. The ghat also has another significance. Chausathi in Hindi means 64. The temples of this ghat add up to having idols of 64 Daasis, helpers, of Goddess Kali. The calm of the Chaumsathi Ghat is unlikely to be found at the other ghats. Watching the sunset or sunrise from any of the ghats of Varanasi is an experience of its own. The Chausathi Ghat’s fewer visitors have the charm to help one enjoy the view by oneself, far from the maddening crowd.

Uttar Pradesh is a state that is rich in historical importance, and each place of the state has a particular narrative that attracts tourists from different parts of the country and the world. These offbeat places have a primitive, rustic quality that requires people to experience it at least once. We hope that some of these offbeat places have caught your eye and will be your place of interest on your next trip to Uttar Pradesh. 

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