7 Best Places in Kashmir – Paradise on Earth You Can’t Miss to Visit



Kashmir is popularly and rightly known as ‘Paradise on Earth.’ The beauty of Kashmir, its hills, valleys, lakes, forests attract tourists from different parts of the nation and from across the world. People visit Places in Kashmir to enjoy the serene nature that is nestled in its heart.  

Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Yusmarg are the most common names on people’s itinerary visiting Kashmir. But often, people might miss the small hamlets that lie in offbeat areas of Kashmir. These lesser-known places do not fall short as a natural escape, and these offbeat spots have an ethereal quality that tugs at heart.  

Here we will list some of the offbeat travel places in Kashmir. These places are ideal for people who like to enjoy undisturbed nature. Those who want to reconnect with nature and themselves, and stay far away from the madding crowd, read on to find your spot.  

1. Chatpal 

Places in Kashmir - Chatpal
Image – sandeepachetan / Flickr

Words fall short of describing the pristine beauty of Chatpal village. But we may still attempt.  

Chatpal is one of the most offbeat places in Kashmir. The place does not receive many tourists. The natural beauty of Chatpal is intact without the touch of commercialization as a tourist spot. The forests of Chatpal still breathe pollution-free air. The undisturbed hamlet is beautiful with splashes of green and wildflowers. Chatpal is about 90 km from the city of Srinagar. Chatpal will be ideal for those searching for a valley that is not bustling with the busy city life. 

2. Lolab Valley  

Places in Kashmir - Lolab Valley  
Image – sandeepachetan / Flickr

Lolab valley is a comparatively “known” offbeat place in Kashmir. The natives of Lolab valley call the site “Wadi-e-Lolab.”  

Lolab valley is significant for its apple orchards, lush paddy fields, lake, and spring. Tourists can comfortably visit the place as it is easily accessible by road. Poets refer to Lolab valley as the “land of love and beauty.” The Lavnag spring is near the Lolab valley, and it adds more scenic beauty to the place. Lolab valley has spiritual significance also. Lalpur village is the resting place of Sage Kashyap, which is a kilometer from Lolab. Tourists can enjoy the scenic and spiritual beauty of Lolab valley when visiting the site. 

3. Gurez Valley 

Places in Kashmir - Gurez Valley 
Image – wikimedia

Gurez valley is situated in the Northern part of Kashmir, a few miles from the border. It is at an altitude of around 2400 meters, making Lolab valley a pretty elevating climb.  

Gurez valley’s highlights are the snow-covered peaks that surround the small hamlet and the Kishanganga river flowing through the valley. Gurez valley is one of the most amazing places in Kashmir. The valley receives such heavy snowfall that it is practically cut off from the rest of the world for six months, from November to May. Another reason for the mesmerizing place still receiving such less footfall is its proximity to the borders. Trekking can be risky without professional guides to help remain on the right side of the border. Gurez valley’s aesthetic appeal remains a wonder for tourists who visit the place despite the contradictory factors. The lush greenery of the forests, the white of the snow, and the sparkling flow of the Kishanganga all add to the charm of Gurez valley. Gurez Valley is truly an offbeat place that makes it retain its natural wonders.  

4. Karnah  

Places in Kashmir - Karnah  
Image – wikimedia

Karnah village is in the Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. The beauty of the small valley is its dense green fields and mountain peaks.  

Karnah is the coalescence of three valleys of Pahari-speaking people. Karnah has a very strategic location that is accessible by the National Highway number 701. Tangdar is the main town of Karnah. The valley has a lot of archaeological importance. Karnah has the ruins of the forts, statues, palaces, utensils, and weapons found hereafter excavation. It was also the entrance to Sharda, the ancient university of Kashmir. History is nestled within the nature of Karnah that adds more appeal to the place. Again, the area is close to the LOC. Visitors need to be ready to answer the military inquiries before enjoying this offbeat valley of Kashmir. 

5. Bangus 

Places in Kashmir - Bangus 
Image – wikimedia

Bangus valley is another hidden gem of the Kashmir valley. It also falls in the district of Kupwara, close to the borders.  

The mesmerizing beauty of Bangus is its meadows and springs. The grassland is of high nutritional value to the animals that brought recognition as a biological reserve. The medicinal quality of the grass of Bangus is very suitable for cattle. If a valley contains such high-quality grass, it is inevitably a very pristine place untouched by humans and pollution. Nature is at its best in Bangus. Many locals of the neighboring villages have also recently begun exploring the valley. Bangus will surely be a good choice for people in need of a picturesque place without the commotion and pollution of ordinary life. The place will also welcome you with a wide variety of wildlife. 

6. Daksum 

Places in Kashmir - Daksum 
Image – sandeepachetan / Flickr

Daksum is a village that lures people with its unending charms. The mystic forests and Pir Panjal Range surrounding the valley make it ideal for trekkers.  

Daksum is a small hamlet with cedar forests, green meadows, shepherd cottages, and the gushing sound of the Bhringi River. People in dire need of solitude and an immense stretch of serene landscape, Daksum is your place. Daksum will also be a fine choice for families and couples who would like to bond in the lap of nature. The trout fishes in Daksum are also famous for their delicate taste, making them ideal for camping enthusiasts. The unending splendor of nature will never be monotonous. Adventurous visitors might also receive bouts of thunderstorms, adding more thrill to their stay in Daksum. The valley is at a distance of 99 km from Srinagar. So, for those looking for an ethereal hamlet rich in flora and fauna and scenic wonders of nature, Daksum will be perfect for you. This offbeat valley will surely touch your heart with its charms. 

7. Warwan Valley 

Image – Pradeep Kumbhashi/Flickr

Warwan valley is another magnificent spot for trekkers. The beauty of Warwan valley will mesmerize people with its spectacular natural wonder. 

Warwan valley is in the lap of the Trans-Himalayan range. The naked and enthralling peaks of Panikhar surround this natural treasure. The Warwan river originating from the Kanital Glacier, provides the lulling tune of the gushing water. The haunting beauty of the dense forests, cedar trees, and wildflower meadows will strike a chord with nature lovers. The trekking experience that one will receive in the Warwan valley is not comparable to any other trek. Warwan valley is 120 km from Srinagar, locating itself far from the bustling city life. This exquisite natural wonder will give you a tranquil experience like no other place. Mother Nature sings a soothing tune in Warwan valley, making it an ideal place for peace seekers.   

The entire valley of Kashmir is unparalleled for its natural wonders. Snowy mountains, mystic pine forests, red of the Chinar, and the rainbow of the various flowers, everything adds to the natural spectrum of Kashmir. The offbeat travel places in Kashmir retain a different pristine quality. The sites are untouched by the hands of ‘commercial growth.’ These places will surely rejuvenate your heart and soul from the conundrum of city life. Do check out these offbeat travel places in Kashmir to not miss out on an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. 

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