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Top Offbeat Travel Destinations in North India

Travelling across the Indian subcontinent, we are amazed by the diversity and splendour of natural and architectural beauty found in the various tourist locations. The main tourist sites are so well known that we tend to avoid them due to the huge crowds that throng these places. Many of us prefer the locations which are off-the-beaten-path and are frequented by few people. However, in a densely populated country like India, even the offbeat destinations tend to become overcrowded after some time!

Win exciting prizes in Caleidoscope Offbeat Travel Contest [Closed]

Oh my! If the world would have ended on 21-12-12, I would have died in regret! There are so many places in my list that I need to visit before I die. I have not even seen a handful of them! Thankfully, the doomsday theories have fallen apart now that we have all survived the great last day of the Mayan calendar. I hope many of you share my thoughts about travel. Why does one needs to travel…

Time to Save the Ganga River

To see Ganga, the holiest river in India, was one of my wishes for a long time. Having watched numerous documentaries on the mighty Ganges that flows down from the Himalayas to the North Indian plains quenching the thirst of millions, the river always caught my imagination.

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