Selfies are just a fun trend, popular on social media, right? Well sure, when you just look at the surface of the issue. Teens taking photos of themselves and then uploading them onto sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat seems like another fun trend for teenagers and young adults to participate in. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, this harmless fad could be the root of various emotional problems.

At the very best, some say that selfies are actually a form of empowerment and go a long ways toward promoting a healthy self-image. But more often than not, selfies can lead to an obsession of self, narcissim, and can even have lasting damage if taken too carelessly. The infographic below, by, sheds a little bit more light on this highly popular teen trend.

What do you think – are selfies cause for concern, or is it the more the merrier?

Selfies - Infographic

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  • venu gopal rao

    this is amazing. how a simple activity reached mass proportions. good coverage by authors.