10 Best Indian Food Festivals That will Make Your Taste Buds Cherish Forever


Image – Street Food Festival – New Delhi

Let’s be honest, for almost all of us the food was our first love. The various spices and masalas, all combined to make our childhood a delicious one. Food has always served a much bigger purpose than just satisfying our hunger. It is an important means of communication and bonding among people. No matter where you hail from, you would still remember the delicious flavour of those dishes you savoured in your childhood. It has a unique power to transcend the barriers set by language or culture. Around the world, thoughts may be different, costumes may vary, and lifestyles might differ, but put them all together around the dinner table, and watch the miracle unfold. And the best Indian Food Festivals is testimony to that!

Photo by Prachi Palwe

It is no surprise that food festivals always attract a large crowd. Who would want to miss a rendezvous of dishes from around the world?. In a country like India, where different varieties of dishes exist and are considered to be an important part of the culture, it is no wonder that food festivals are both abundant in number and equally prosperous. Indian food festivals stand proud due to their variety of unique and tasty dishes as well as the large number of visitors who arrive from different parts of the globe. Owing to its unique blend of ingredients and incredible aroma, Indian food is already quite popular among food lovers from around the world. Here we bring to you the top Indian food festivals from around the country which are known for their variety and tasty dishes.

1. National Street Food Festival

Source – Street Food Festival – New Delhi

No one can argue with the fact that street food always tastes the best. National Street Food Festival is a unique Indian food festival, which brings together street food from different states across the country. If you are an ardent fan of street food, this food festival will surely set you off on a joyful tasty ride. Usually held during December or in January, this Indian food festival is the central hub of street food, including Golgappas, Samosas, Dosa, Jalebi, and anything that comes in the platter of street food, name it, and you have it.

Venue: New Delhi
When: December/January

2. Navi Mumbai Food Truck Fest

Source – EarthAngels Welfare Foundation

The second on the list for street food festivals in India is undoubtedly the Mumbai truck fest. As the name suggests, this festival features incredible delicacies served from food trucks across the country. It is the biggest Food Truck festival in India. This Indian Food festival features more than a hundred unique dishes from across India. With free entry and several dishes to choose from, this food festival is sure to send your taste buds on a delicious ride.

Venue: Navi Mumbai
When: March

3. Asian Hawkers Market

Image – Asian Hawkers Market

This Indian food festival takes place over three days and comprises dishes from around the world—Korean, Chinese, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. Every kind of delicacy from the sushi to the seafood platter, you will find here. This International food festival brings together the food culture from around the world and can be termed as the food lover’s paradise.

Venue: Select Citywalk, Delhi
When: October

4. The Grub Fest

Image – The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest is the largest food fest organized in India and is known for its wide variety of delicacies. During this food fest, chefs from prominent restaurants around the country, come together to serve the food lovers with the best of their dishes. It is certain that The Grub Fest is not one to be missed by a staunch food lover. Apart from the incredible cuisine, this Indian food festival also features workshops, movies and fun games to entertain the visitors. This food fest takes place in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

Venue: DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, Panaji
When: March

5. Goa Food and Cultural Festival

Image – gogoanow.com

Here is another reason to visit the beautiful state of Goa. Apart from the breathtaking beauty and the soothing ambience, the state is also home to the Goa Food and Cultural Festival. This unique food festival celebrates the rich culture of Goa and serves the traditional delicacies. Anyone who loves to explore the culture of Goa is sure to enjoy this grand event. One visit to this festival and anyone would undoubtedly fall in love with the food culture of the state.

Venue: DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal, Panaji
When: April

6. Foodistan, 10 Head Festival

Image – dfordelhi.in

Though not a massive food fest like the ones discussed above, the beauty of this food festival lies in its simplicity. The 10 Head festival is not solely held as a food festival but is a significant part of the 10 Head festival. From the high-end restaurants to the street food vendors, everyone takes part in this festival, giving food lovers a unique chance to explore a variety of delicacies under one roof. Apart from this, you can get.

Venue: Dhanchiri Camping Resort, NH-8, Gurgaon
When: October

7. Bengaluru Food Fete

Indian-Food-Festivals-Bengaluru Food Fete
Image – Eventshigh

The city of Bangalore needs no special introduction to food lovers. The city prides itself for being the ultimate stop for food lovers around the country. The Food Fete held in April is quite popular among the people. On this day, eminent and aspiring chefs, bakers and restaurateurs, all gather together to display their variety of delicacies. Apart from the food, the place also hosts stand up comedies and musical performances to entertain the spectators.

Venue: KTPO Trade Centre & Itpl Main Road, Bangalore
When: April

8. International Mango Festival

International Mango Festival
Image – International Mango Festival

Remember those summer seasons in your childhood, when the mango tree was your favourite haunt. Well, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the best part of the scorching summer days are the soothing and relishing mangoes we get at the end. If you agree with me, then the International Mango Festival is the right place for you. Held in Delhi, the festival displays more than 500 varieties of mangoes! It serves an array of juices and desserts all prepared from mangoes. If you are a mango lover like me, do not lose this opportunity.

Venue: Dilli Haat, Janakpuri, New Delhi
When: July

9. Mei Ramew Food Festival

Image – Adotrip.com

A blissful state, Meghalaya is known for its scenic beauty and magical appearance. The Mei Ramew is one of the most significant attractions of Meghalaya. This food festival is held by the state to acquaint the people with the traditional delicacies prepared by the ethnic communities of the state. The meals served in this festival are prepared from organic food items collected from the forest.

Venue: Sacred Grove, Mawphlang, Meghalaya
When: December

10. Ahare Bangla Food Festival

Image – Wikimedia

The people of Bengal are undoubtedly some of the greatest lovers of food. This food festival held in Kolkata and includes all the dishes, which are indigenous to the state. From the Bhapa Ilish to the Mishit Doi, every dish belonging to the Bengali cuisine can be found here. This festival is one of the major hubs for food lovers.

Venue: Milan Mela Grounds, Kolkata
When: Kolkata

Indian food festivals have a distinct charm and beauty of their own. They provide a delightful abode for food lovers from around the world. With its variety of dishes to choose from, Indian food festivals are sure to satisfy anyone who visits them. It is through these amazing festivals that people gain awareness about the indigenous food culture and the rich diversity. The Indian food festivals help in rekindling the spirit of unity among different communities, as they bond over the incredible variety of dishes. Indian Food Festivals are thus an integral part of the culture of India and has an important role in highlighting the rich culture and diversity of the country.

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