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I am an avid reader and love to get lost in the deep woods of literature. I consider books to be my soulmates and cherish very moment I spend with them. As an imaginative soul, I enjoy writing on almost every topic under the sun, and consider all genres in literature to be my fellow companions in my literary journey.

10 Books on Indian Art that Every Artist Must Read

Indian Art is acclaimed to be one of the greatest, and the skilled artists of India are lauded in books on Indian Art by renowned historians and artists.

Types of Indian Cuisine: Celebrating the Diversity of India Food Culture

India is a country that celebrates diversity, even in food! We dive into the types of Indian Cuisine that encompass the culture of every region in India.

Kite Festivals in India: Experiencing Colorful Skies of Joy

The Kite Festivals of India are celebrations of vibrant colors that fill up the skies and bring about smiles on everyone's faces!

Tamil Nadu Culture: Exploring the Rich Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Tamil Nadu Culture: Tamil Nadu is a land of enchanting beauty, a vibrant culture and a grand tradition. Through its fascinating heritage and historical significance, the state has managed to capture the attention of the world.

Traditional Dresses of Gujarat: Vibrant, Colourful and Mesmerizing

Traditional Dresses of Gujarat, along with the beautiful ornaments are famous for their beauty all across India for their elegance and vibrancy.

10 Best Indian Food Festivals That will Make Your Taste Buds Cherish Forever

Food festivals are more than just food. They are celebrations of our bond, culture, and food. The best Indian food festivals give much more than that!

10 Indian Monuments That Your Child Should Know About

A list of 10 Indian Monuments that you should tell your child about! These monuments reflect India's great culture and rich history.

Pichwai Paintings – An Elegant Folk Art Form of Rajasthan

The Pichwai Paintings are believed to have originated about four centuries ago. It is said to have arisen from the state of Rajasthan, more precisely from the Nathdwara town in the state. The word “Pichh” means back, and the word “wai” translates to textile hanging.

Assam Culture: Gateway to The Rich Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Exploring the beautiful and rich culture of Assam, the gateway to northeast India. The state is also one of the “Seven Sister States” of northeastern India.

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