Poulomi Dave

Bombayiite or to be politically correct, I'm a Mumbaikar at heart and an engineer on paper- the 3 idiots R Madhavan kind, not so much Aamir Khan(if you know what I mean).Currently toying with a business idea, I could call myself an entrepreneur. Writing happened to me just a few months back. Music runs in my blood as a result of self-interest more than genes - I'm learning the piano and I'm a closet singer! Living with the vision of world peace, I also live for chocolate!

Critic: To Be or Not to Be?

Being a good critic is something we could all strive for in our lives. But what is it that differentiates a good critic from a bad one?

Top 5 Yoga Techniques That Are Widely Practiced Today

Yoga is an ancient form that has been evolving gradually, catering to the needs of people with different needs. Here are top 5 Yoga Techniques that are widely practiced today...

International Yoga Day Restores the Lost Glory

The Indian Government is putting a serious effort to restore the lost glory of this discipline by declaring June 21st as the 1st International Yoga Day in order to incite mass participation throughout the country.

It’s Never Too Late to Start Learning Music

Learning a musical instrument as an adult may be difficult at first, but it helps us find time for ourselves in this fast moving world. Learning music has other benefits too...

Famous Introverts in a Talkative World

So what does being an introvert do to you? We introverts would really appreciate if the society would accept us for who we are.

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