Sreesvarna B

An Agriculture Engineering Student, Music student where my medium of learning carnatic music are my violins and a patient guru...Camps, Concerts, Exhibitions, Debates and Extempore competitions- have been all there at different times and ready to pack my bag for the next adventure. Got the interest to jot down my experiences thanks to my sister, English teacher in class 10, my parents and my dear friends.

Why Dark is Beautiful?

It starts with the fairy tales, like the example of snow white, where the queen wished to have a daughter that had 'skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood

Navaratri Kolu – Festival of Dolls

Just less than a week left for the massive celebrations of Navaratri or Dussehra to start. The country becomes colourful and the goddess would be worshipped throughout.

Bicycle – Once A Rocket to a Kid

There were days when a bicycle was a dream of every primary school kid. The younger ones, watching their older siblings learn, wished, hoped, and begged for a chance to ride that big cycle.

Travelling Across Beloved Bengaluru on BMTC Bus

Last month, Namma Metro arrived in the city of Bengaluru in a full-fledged manner. After a decade of delayed construction, the metro rail is finally ready and Bangaloreans are...

The Adventure of Being in Bharat Scouts and Guides

I can only provide you a glimpse of the Bharat Scouts and Guides movement, but my personal experience is vast. Each Scouts and Guides camp is a bag full of stories!

Get a sense of the soil at GKVK Krishi Mela

GKVK Krishi Mela becomes the heaven for farmers, since they get the best opportunity to witness the latest advancements in the field of agriculture and bring them to their lands

Reasons For a Happy Day – Poem

I never said my sister a Thank you for all this and many more she does for me, I never will, for I don't want to break this treasure of mine.

Can Carnatic Music Become Contemporary?

After all of this the question remains, can Carnatic Music ever become contemporary???

Can Mandatory Sex Education Ensure Child Safety?

Parents need to realise that mandatory sex education given to children at an early age will help prevent sexual abuse and keep them safe from predators.

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