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Few years ago, many of us participated in the Lokpal Bill agitation. Anna Hazare’s fast until death, the spontaneous eruption of public anger against corruption, massive protests across the country, candle light marches, intense debate on primetime TV, mud-slinging matches, oh! All that frenzied action seems a fading memory now!

When the Team Anna split over the issue of participation in mainstream politics, many of us were sad. But we thought what Anna couldn’t achieve being outside the rotten political system, Arvind Kejriwal might somehow achieve being inside. When Aam Aadmi Party miraculously won the Delhi state elections for the first time in 2013, we were elated. However, his 49-day disaster disillusioned us.

Lokpal YFS
Candle light march for Lokpal Bill in 2011 – YFS Hyderabad

The proverbial final nail in the coffin came for me when AK-49 declared that AAP will contest in 434 Loksabha seats across the nation, 7 more than the BJP! Even more bewildering act was the Muffler Man’s daredevilry to stand against the formidable Narendra Modi in Varanasi. His final comments after losing in Varanasi is still fresh in my memory… “Yaha pe sab kuch paise pe chalta hain!”

After hearing that wonderful revelation, I wrote down these points to declare why I am no more a common man, a.k.a. Aam Aadmi –

  • I don’t believe that the government is the root cause of all corruption and the rot in our society. When we common men and women are so eager to offer bribes to get our things done, why blame the receiver?
  • I don’t believe that the government has any control over imported goods like petroleum and medicine. If their prices fluctuate, rather than blaming the government, I would prefer using alternatives such as Biodiesel, Solar power, Ayurvedic medicine etc.
  • I don’t want the taxpayer’s money to be spent on subsidies for petrol, electricity, fertilizers, etc. Rather I want my government’s money to be used for infrastructure, healthcare and education, etc.
  • I still cannot believe Aam Aadmi Party went ahead with an alliance with Congress(I) in Delhi last time and expected it to agree to their terms on Jan Lokpal Bill! Instead of utilising people’s mandate to govern the nation’s capital and prove a “Delhi model of governance”, why did the people’s power government quit in 49 days?
  • What happened to the enormous evidence piled up against the Gandhi Dynasty’s crony capitalist son in law? I don’t want Aam Aadmi to forget who looted our country over last decade!
A powerless Aam Aadmi Party issues a report card for its MLAs. How is this MLA still working on 50 projects from the outside, when the entire system is rotten?
Aam Aadmi Party issues a report card for its MLAs, who are still working on 50 projects from the outside?!
  • AAP had created a unique democratic process of choosing its Delhi election candidates by getting 100 signatures from Aam Aadmi in their constituencies. Why that process was abandoned for a Khas Aadmi process of selecting candidates behind closed doors this time?
  • I have no faith in a party leader who thinks he is bigger than the party. Instead of fighting Modi in Varanasi, if Arvind Kejriwal had stood in Delhi, that would have warmed the hearts of his beloved auto rickshaw drivers.
  • Today, electric auto rickshaw drivers are struggling to get their vehicles back and get a license to ply on Delhi roads. Why is the Aam Aadmi Party not fighting their cause?
Wow! Aam Aadmi Party launches minority cell to connect with minority groups based on “issues” and not merely to serve as “votebanks”!
Wow! Aam Aadmi Party launches minority wing to connect with minority groups based on “issues”!
  • I am baffled how did the referendum in Kashmir become an issue for Aam Aadmi when it was supposed to be corruption and crony capitalism?
  • Suddenly after losing in the general elections, the great man realises that money power is supreme in India. Wow! Thanks for enlightening a nation, which always knew this harsh reality since centuries!
  • I believe the Supreme Court is correct in revoking the rights of homosexuality. Bringing any change in law and adding amendments is the responsibility of the legislature. Mango people have no right to question the Supreme Court, which is the upholder of our constitution.
  • Finally, I do not need a political party to start an agitation or take a stand. There are courageous individuals like Satyendra Dubey and Sanjiv Chaturvedi who blow the whistle against injustice; we just have to stand by them. Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousufzai have clearly shown the power of one!

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