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Acres of virgin Pine Forest was what urged me to pack my backpack for a perfect weekend getaway for a sleepover with nature under the stars. Hiking and camping have always been something I look forward to over the long weekends. Last year I went camping with friends while this time around, I planned for a solo trip. As an ideal weekend getaway, it is just a perfect location to plan ahead of time for long weekends with family and friends. With many camping sites with luxury camps and attached tiled bathrooms make it easier for travelers who are not very keen about camping the rustic way. I was very keen on this adventure one day outing near Delhi as I was eagerly looking forward to some adventure activities like zip lining, trekking, hiking, or simply lounging on the banks of the lake. 

Travel to Kangojodi

The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is frequented by many airlines from most of the Indian cities, and I was able to land at the Delhi airport as per my travel itinerary. I was glad that I was able to rent a comfortable and licensed car from Delhi with an experienced driver. I covered a distance of 275 km by taking the route that goes through Shahbad. 

Camping at Kangojodi, an Overview

Himachal is one of the popular hill stations which is often packed during the weekends. This was yet another reason why I chose adventure camping in Kangojodi. I enjoyed the perfect weekend getaway away from the hustle-bustle of the city life by basking in the glow of the pine forest where my sleepover camping was set. It is not just the idea of camping that had me made up my mind to opt Kangojodi, but also the fact that there a plethora activities like beam balancing, Mowgli walking, rope balancing, trench walking, etc. which are arranged by some of the many local camps organizers. I still remember the group trip with friends where I had a wonderful time trekking, bird watching, zip lining, and more. I suggest the first-time visitors plan and book their journeys in advance with the best camp organizers who have been in the sector for quite some time. Perfect for weekend getaway near Delhi I have been a regular camper at Kangojodi where I have visited the destination with family, friends, and sometimes solo as well. 

How to reach Kangojodi – Cabs from Delhi

While traveling with family, I always ensure that I book the best cab for a comfortable trip to Kangojodi. I also book the camp in advance with the option of cozy bonfire activity, trekking, hiking, to name a few. Nahan is nearby Kangojodi which is also yet another weekend getaway which I sometimes drive to in my rental car. There are many tourist attractions in Nahan which I made sure to visit during my trip to Kangojodi. The Rani Tal Jaggannath Temple or the Sukeli Fossil Park, I found it ideal for a one day picnic near Delhi, and I had to time it to fit in my schedule to make the most of this trip.

By the time I was through Nahan; I was ready to head back home with the thought of coming back. I also decided that like last time, I would book a cab from Delhi to Nahan with an experienced driver as I wanted to enjoy the picturesque view during the long drive. 

Many private vehicles are available that take groups of tourists to the recommended camping site. However, opting for a cab from Delhi is ideal when one is new to Delhi and looking at budget vacations near Delhi. Chandigarh also has the options of cabs going to Nahan. And, it all narrows down to the kind of flight one chooses or the destination airport where most of them prefer the Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport. 

Distance and time taken

As I mentioned before, there are two routes one could take by opting for a rental car. One route is from Delhi to Kangojodi, the option of driving to Nahan from Delhi is also an ideal choice as Kangojodi is close to Nahan. It took me approximately five hours to reach Kangojodi from Delhi in my rental car. While Nahan is 249 km which can be covered in around 5 hours, the distance between Delhi and Kangojodi is 275 km where it is just 33.5 km ahead of Nahan. While one can book cabs from Delhi to both the places, I prefer driving the distance in my rental car. During my weekend trip, Kangojodi was my first destination, which was ahead of Nahan. This encouraged me to take a detour to Nahan on my return trip to Delhi to head back home by the end of the weekend. 

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