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Travel khana food

Tasty treat on trains – Travel Khana

Travel Khana - Food on train companies now provide a range of food delivery services for travellers. So let’s hope the stale food on Indian Railways will be a thing of the past!
chacha chaudhary

Pran and His Epic Creation – Chacha Chaudhary

With the demise of the father figure of Indian Comics – Pran Kumar Sharma, who created a fantastical world of Chacha Chaudhary, a part of our childhood would no more.
Federal Bank Advt

Do we learn from mistakes?

How many times in life after facing the consequences of our own mistake, we come out enriched with the learning of not repeating that mistake again...
selfies infographic

Selfies: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

At the very best, some say that selfies are actually a form of empowerment and go a long ways toward promoting a healthy self-image. But more often than not, selfies can lead to an obsession of self, narcissim, and can even have lasting damage if taken too carelessly.
Indian rain Kid Playing

It’s Raining Pictures

Photo Feature on Indian rain, a collection of rain pictures, nostalgic moments, experiencing rain and its magic.
Friendly relationships

Friendly Relationships on TV?

The Big Bang Theory makes me laugh and think, and I realise the urgent need for friendly relationships. Here's a shallow look at the changing norms of TV sitcoms:
Nostalgia - Yezdi-Classic

Pleaseasure of Restoring Old Machines Back to Life

Restoring old machines can be a wonderful thing, since it allows you to bring back items from the past right into the future...
Ecology of Uttarakhand

Restoring the Ecology of Uttarakhand

Ecology of Uttarakhand has been seriously harmed in the name of development. I can only hope that these positive changes will restore the nature’s imbalance soon.
green ideas contest

Inviting Entries for Ecoideaz Innovation Contest

Ecoideaz inviting eco enthusiast to submit green ideas innovated in India and win cash prizes worth Rs.10,000.
Recycles Tin

Recycling Ideas for Home Decor

Here are a few different recycling ideas on how you can use common objects of waste in order to create truly remarkable pieces of home décor.