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Are you a Hindu liberal?

Are you a Hindu? Do you consider yourself as a liberal? So are you a Hindu liberal? What is it about “Hindutva” that is un-secular or un-liberal?
Genres Bollywood Should Try

5 Genres Bollywood needs to try out more often

Bollywood and formulas have had a very long history. Starting with Manmohan Desai’s Amar Akbar Anthony, which brought to Bollywood the superhit lost and found family that gets reunited theme, we have now evolved to the formula of big stars, minimal story, some gags and huge marketing budgets.
Indian culture

Indian culture… what’s that?

we at Caleidoscope have created a visual survey to understand people's opinion about Indian culture. Please do participate in this visual survey and help us define our culture.

Heartwarming Homestays at Coorg

People in Coorg carry hospitality in their genes, homestays help promote the unique Kodava culture. Spend time away from maddening crowds, you can choose to stay in a Coorg homestay which is surrounded by a picturesque coffee estate, verdant forest and water streams.

Bali – Trip to the Honeymooner’s Paradise..!!!

Where would you go for a memorable honeymoon… How will you choose the best location for our honeymoon that is the most romantic…

Auspicious Mehendi and Funky Tattoos

The art of mehendi is one such tradition that has managed to establish itself firmly in the annals of fashion as a classic instead of a mere fad. The trend has garnered a huge fan following not just in the Asian countries but even in the West. Similarly, temporary tattooing has also gained tremendous popularity around the globe.
Indian Independence Day

Independence Day Memories

Independence Day memories: India attained freedom from colonial rule and the people of our country became the masters of their destiny.
The Maharajas' Express

The Great Luxury Trains of India

What a passenger gets to experience between destinations could be just as rewarding as the cities and tourist spots they travel to see. Here are some reasons for choosing a luxury train for travelling in India:

A Penchant for Bus Tickets

I had just started collecting bus tickets about six-seven years ago, I used to write a little note about whom I was with or something funny that happened in the bus. The collection included bus tickets from KSRTC and Tamil Nadu bus tickets from down south to Himachal Path Parivahan Nigam up north.
simple logo design

Why Simple Logo Design is Better

There is a variety of reasons why a simple logo design is superior than a highly detailed one.