Giridhar Malla is an eminent wildlife researcher and a doctoral student in Marine Sciences from Andhra University. Being passionate about nature, he focused on wildlife photography and environmental issues, right from his school days. His first assignment was to work as a field assistant for the Tiger Census Project for Wildlife Institute of India in 2006. He conducted tiger estimation surveys and its co-predator census in Nagarahole National Park, Karnataka and Mudumalai National Park, Tamil Nadu. Since then he has conducted several research studies such as mortality surveys on Olive ridley sea turtle along the coast of Visakhapatnam, ecology of leopards in Kambala Konda sanctuary, identification of birds at Kondakarla Ava near Visakhapatnam.

Witnessing a Turtle Kumbh Mela

I hope many of you very well know about sea turtle after the Dhamra port controversy in Orissa. I was curious to know more about the nesting behavior of sea turtles. As part of my research on marine sciences, I got a chance to go to Orissa to study these awesome creatures which have existed on planet Earth right from the ages of the dinosaurs.

Rediscovering my Eastern Ghats

As a child I always dreamt of great valleys, deep jungles, and lofty waterfalls. Fortunately I grew up in an area which was situated close to a spectacular valley with enchanting surroundings.

An Encounter with a Tusker

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Hills (BR Hills) is renowned for its wildlife diversity and forest management by the Soliga tribe. Just recently, the government has notified this unique wildlife sanctuary as a tiger reserve with huge implications on the life of the Soligas. Giridhar Malla our in-house wildlife researcher remembers his visits to the place and his wild encounters.

Tiger Sighting at Nagarahole!

As a child, I greatly admired the Indian jungles, inspired by Kipling’s Jungle Book. I had always dreamed of wandering in the jungle to explore the unknown and make thrilling encounters with wild animals.

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