In the Abode of Clouds: Mawsynram, Meghalaya


Author – Dimpy Roy

Image – Flickr/Santanu Sen

The rains delight most people, especially those who are living in arid and scorching regions. For some, it is even a blessing from the gods. But do you know that there is a place in India which is literally tired of the constant downpour? No kidding! Mawsynram in Meghalaya is known to be the wettest place on Earth. It receives an average annual rainfall of 11,873 millimetres, and holds a Guinness Book of World Records for the same. For the ones with a peacock heart, this place will seem like a paradise, but if you ask the locals, the answer might be the exact opposite!

Mawsynram, Meghalaya is one of the offbeat places, located at the northeastern side of India. If you are a local here, then probably you dislike the word “rain”, but for tourists, this place is actually the abode of the clouds, with the locals habituated to having clouds inside their homes. Wow! This is something that the rest of India might drool over, literally! Let’s get to know a tad more about this gem of the North East.

Explore Mawsynram

Shivalinga – Flickr / Sharada Prasad CS

When in Mawsynram, you must visit its famous botanical garden, a serene and amazing spot. An assortment of extraordinary and indigenous plants can be seen in this green area. Another place, which is a hit among the tourist spots in Mawsynram is Dwarksuid, a beguiling pool with sprawling, rough banks. The stone structures in this area are extraordinary because of their special lotus-like shape. You can also visit the Mawjymbuin Cave which contains a couple of speleothems (cave deposits) that have been naturally formed in the shape of a Shivalinga, making it a hotspot for religious tourists. The Symper Rock is another popular tourist destination which comprises a stone dome. From the top, travelers can see the encompassing valleys, hills, fields and additionally, the quick streaming rivers of Bangladesh.

Weather in Mawsynram

Image – Flickr / Sharada Prasad CS

What would you say about a place where the major portion of the year passes as the monsoon season? Splendid, right? Being the wettest place on Earth, receiving continuous downpour, one can only expect pleasant weather throughout the year here. So if you ask about the best time to visit Mawsynram, then the answer is “throughout the year”. No doubt, during the monsoons the beauty of nature is at its best, but even if you plan to visit during other times, you won’t be disappointed. The average temperature here during the month of January is 10℃, and in August it soars up to 20℃. Delhiites and Mumbaikars, are you listening?

Accommodation in Mawsynram

Because of the flood of travelers that Mawsynram sees every season, the district has experienced fast advancement in the last couple of years. It is quite easy for visitors to find accommodation at the diverse lodgings in Mawsynram. Small stores and eateries can be found in the town. Moreover, the people here are known for their warm and friendly nature, as they welcome guests by offering tea, locally known as ‘Kwai’, and also a homestay if you want it. What more could you ask for?

Image – Flickr / Sharada Prasad CS

One thing is for sure, Mawsynram is the ideal spot for photographers. It is also a place which will give anyone a hundred reasons to smile. So let the peacock in you come out; enjoy a gleeful rain dance right here in Mawsynram.

Have a wonderful experience in the abode of the clouds!

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