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Coffee Vs Tea

Coffee vs Tea – Take sides in Beverage War

When the winter fog envelopes, when the chill gets to our bones, Nothing beats a hot cup of … pardon me… is it tea or coffee? How can you have such doubts… it is coffee obviously! It's the drink the world wakes up to every morning, right?

Oh yeah, the grass is green…

One extraordinary girl Nelly across the seven seas and another ordinary girl next door, Rakshita have some wonderful insights worth reading...

Little Green Riding Hood – A Fable Revisited

Invigorating our lives with their depth and infiltering our thoughts and feelings with their encoded, allusive messages, some fables become legendary. “The Little Red Riding Hood” is one such fable.

What is Free about Freelancing?

According to history, freelancers were knights whose lances could be hired.

Why should we have hope in this ever-changing world?

Why should we have hope in this ever-changing world?

ಕವಿಶೈಲ, ಕುಪ್ಪಳ್ಳಿ (kavishaila) a panoramic view

ಕವಿಶೈಲ, ಕುಪ್ಪಳ್ಳಿ (kavishaila) a panoramic view Since my college days in Shimoga, I have visited this place several times. I always wanted to shoot a panoramic shot of this place to cover as much as I could. Recently I visited this place and took the photograph.

Multicultural Caleidoscope

Have we changed culturally in the past twenty years... how different are we in our cultural identity today...

Unfair and Lovely?

While watching the movie, 'Cheeni Kum', I saw an ad on ‘Fair & Lovely Menz Active’ launched recently! That made an instant connection for me and I was nostalgic about an encounter I had with the movie's director, 'adman Balky' during my early days of journalism...