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Khau Galli Mumbai
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An enticing blend of traditional flavours as well as foreign influence, the food of the streets of Mumbai draw customers from all across the highly populated industrial centre of Maharashtra. The Marathi term ‘khau galli’ literally translates to “treat lane”, reflecting on the variety of meals, snacks, beverages and desserts that are found in these buzzing, busy streets.

We bring to the forefront some of the most attractive Khau Gallis that offer a spicy, refreshing and juicy motley of food items that will never scoop off buttloads of bucks from the pocket!

1. Carter Road Khau Galli

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Brimming to its rim with flavoursome savouries and a vivacious young crowd, the Carter Road Khau Galli is located near the Bandra Promenade. The delicious aroma from the small eateries and joints, wafted by the cool sea breeze, puts into display the various mouth-watering delights that are found here, such as shawarmas, falafels, momos, wok-fried Chinese preparations, and spicy, lime sprinkled corn on a cob.

Even after having one’s fill, skipping the desserts like frozen yoghurts, fresh cupcakes and munchy waffles is unavoidable. Carter’s Blue, Kepchaki Momos and Lassi Te Parrontthe are the must-visit places.

2. Tardeo Khau Galli

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A cornucopia of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items, the Khau Galli of the Tardeo street stands poised with its potpourri at the very heart of Mumbai. From mutton biryani, puri bhaji and even South Indian thali, the eat-street offers a list of difficult choices for the locals. Providing a means to cheer up various sorts of customers, the most popular eateries include Sardar’s Pav Bhaji, Mamaji’s Grill and Pizza, and Hotel Sai Gomantak Restaurant.

3. SNDT to Cross Maidan Khau Galli

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Located near the Marine Lines, this hustling and the bustling lane is a convenient food-hopping place for college students and office workers alike, for it stays open till late hours and never runs out of its bountiful of delicious items.

Manchurian fried-rice, aloo and baby corn chaat, roti with chicken curry, cheese paneer frankie roll, and the Mumbai-special sandwich are popular demands. For the ones with a tight schedule, they can grab butter pav or bhajiyas or slurp alongside a glass of milkshake or juice.

4. Ghatkopar Khau Galli

Ghatkopar Khau Galli Mumbai
Image – Karl Grenet via Flickr

A haven for vegetarian food-enthusiasts, the Ghatkopar Khau Galli is the origin of the delightful special ‘remix dosa’. A staggering variety of stuffings fill the crisp dosas to satiate the taste-buds with a refreshing quality. The excellent Cheese Burst Sada Dosa, the Thousand Island Dosa, and Ice Cream Dosa are all one of their kind.

One can also gorge on spicy food items like kebabs, rolls, misal pav, egg curry, while there are the crispy crepes for the sweet tooth. Jinni Dosa, Sai Swad Dosa, Hot Spot, Vikrant Circle are the must-visit eateries.

5. Kharghar Khau Galli

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Thriving about a huge fountain fixated in the middle of the road, the Kharghar Khau Galli near Utsav Chowk rises in an energetic rhythm once evening begins to fall, and workers and students make a beeline to fill themselves with satisfying evening snacks.

The eat-street is especially famous for its mouth-watering momo preparations, be it steamed or fried. These paunchy balls with their generous stuffing of meat or vegetables are served hot with pepper-sprinkled soups or Schezwan sauce. The most delicious are the ones from the stalls of Darjeeling Sikkim Momos, Kharghar Fry Corner and Little China Fast Food.

6. Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli

Image – Indian Streetfood

The Khau Galli organised itself in the integral location of the Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai’s busy hub of jewellery, ruby and diamonds. A place which is visited by various customers, even ones from different cities, it offers delicious fries and other snacks at surprisingly affordable bucks.

The prevalent items are all a sort of blend of Gujarati recipes and flavours, and they include kachoris, pudla, papdi chaat, moong dal fries, alongside sweet sugarcane juice and thick milkshake of badam. Bhagat Tarachand, Mohanbhai Pudlawala and Jagannath Chaturbhuj are few of the many attractive eateries.

7. Mahim Khau Galli


The legendary lane of Mahim Khau Galli is widely known by the people of Mumbai, as it makes a notorious gobbler out of everyone. The luring stalls that line this street, which was once known as Balamia Road, offers items like baida roti, Khiri, seekh kebab, khichda, and chicken tandoori.

The popularity of Baba Falooda’s flavours of mixed ice-cream and dry kulfi is well-deserved in Mahim. Other exciting eateries are those of Hussain Khichdawala, Makhdoom Masahab and Garib Nawaz.

8. Mohammed Ali Road Khau Galli

Image – Meenakshi via Flickr

Running alongside the Minara Masjid, the Khau Galli of Mohammed Ali Road is a bubbling cauldron of rich and traditional preparations of meat, tender naans, and juicy tikkas and kebabs. The appetizing Mughlai food draws in the festive crowd during Ramzan, where Nalli Nihari and Haleem are sold in legendary eateries.

The decadent sweet dishes like Malpua and Phirni attract many. The famous Suleiman Bakery and other eateries like Bademiyan, Noor Mohammadi Hotel and Sulemaan Usmaan Mithaiwala are renowned among food-hoppers.

9. Chembur Khau Galli

Chembur Khau Galli Mumbai
Image – Kaustav Bhattacharya via Flickr

Although it’s a little difficult path to traverse to reach if one does not live nearby, the Chembur Khau galli’s regional specialities are worth all the trouble. Mostly serving Sindhi and Punjabi dishes that are cooked and prepared with expertise, this humble haven for food-hunters offers a variety of sweet delights as well as koki, kulcha, ragda pattice, and dal pakwaans. The eateries that must be tried include Bhat Vishranti Gruha, Vig refreshments, and Sainath Dhaba.

10. Mulund Khau Galli

Image – Ashwin Kumar via Flickr

The flavours of the streets of Mumbai, come to life in a unique itinerary of all the food that is prepared in the Mulund Khau Galli. Locals, workers, students, and tourists all come to this place of bustling energy to treat themselves to bewitching tastes.

Be it the tangy Tawa Pulav, the buttery Pav Bhaji, the refreshing Ice Golas or the melting Oreo Blossom milkshake, something will always be at service for the hungry and hardworking. The Lays Dosa at Bliss Veg Restro is a unique concoction of contrasting flavours.

It is safe to say that the Khau Gallis in the metropolis thrive more in the abundance of visitors than the merry high-profile restaurants. They pose as the hub of the delicious assortment and easy affordability of Indian and continental gastronomy. Catering to a predominantly middle-class part of the population, the Khau Gallis are the everlasting source of quick-bites and filling dishes.

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