Sherline Modak

Honours student of English Literature and has studied in Shri Shikshayatan College. She has been an ardent reader since her high school and is earnestly interested in art and music. She aims to learn and spread word regarding fields and facts usually left untouched and overlooked in the rigid routine of life.

Traditional Dresses of Maharashtra – The Beauty of Intricacies

The rich culture of Maharashtra is reflected in their clothing, and the beautiful traditional dresses of Maharashtra enthrall many.

Gond Art : A Folk Art Form with Beautiful Tribal Colours, Themes, and Shapes

Gond Art comes with a rich history and nature-inspired themes. Now commonly used, it embodies the culture of the Gond tribe of Madhya Pradesh.

How To Teach Traditional Indian Family Values To Children In Modern Times

To teach traditional Indian family values in an age of changing social picture is imperative to the healthy growth of a child's mind.

7 Types of Tea in India And Their Amazing Health Benefits

Exploring the various types of tea found in India. Tea is an indispensable part of the diverse India, and it is consumed in every corner of the country.

Indian Culture : What Makes it Unique From Rest of the World

Exploring the beautiful Indian culture that captivates the heart and soul of India, while uniquely acknowledging the rich diversity across the states.

Khau Galli : The Biggest And The Best of Mumbai’s Street Food Scene

The Khau Galli of Mumbai are where you need to be this weekend! Here we list the best Khau Gallis of Mumbai, that are always bustling with culture and food

Stand Up Comedians In India Who Are Revolutionising The Way India Thinks!

The new age stand up comedians in india who are changing the Indian mindset, one laugh at a time. They are bold, audacious, socially conscious, and funny!

Nobel Prize Winners From India : Making India Proud

The revolutionary Nobel Prize Winners from India who were awarded for brilliance in Chemistry, Physics, Peace, Literature and Physiology or Medicine.

10 Best Fine Art Schools of India to Build a Career in Visual Arts

Here is a comprehensive list of 10 best Fine Arts Schools of India. If you are in search of the best university to pursue Fine Arts course in India, then look no further.

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