Sherline Modak

Honours student of English Literature and has studied in Shri Shikshayatan College. She has been an ardent reader since her high school and is earnestly interested in art and music. She aims to learn and spread word regarding fields and facts usually left untouched and overlooked in the rigid routine of life.

Culture of Gujarat: Exploring the Rich Heritage, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

To understand the absolute diversity and unique culture of Gujarat, we dive into the various aspects that define the state and its people.

The Beautiful Art Forms Of Tamil Nadu, Mesmerising Reflections of Tamilian Culture

The beautiful art forms of Tamil Nadu in India is aptly represented through its culture. The rich heritage and history is embedded deep in the hearts of Indians.

Miniature Paintings of India: Evolution of Different Schools and Styles

In this article we trace the different types of style and influence that the miniature paintings of India went through throughout history, since its origin.

Kantha Embroidery: An Ornate Craft of Utility

The Kantha Embroidery is one of the most popular craft forms of India. It serves a great utilitarian purpose without losing its beauty and intricacy.

Classical Dances of India: Reflecting the Rich Heritage and Cultural Diversity

India is a land of many cultural diversity, the classical dances of India reflect the rich traditions and heritage beautifully. Here, we dive into some of these classical dance forms that enrich our cultural practices.

The Ganjifa Cards: Lost Art of the Mysore Royalty Getting Revived

The Ganjifa cards of Mysore have served as sources of artistic expressions. The kings were patrons of the artisans, and thus, the card game could flourish all across the country.

Bakasana Yoga – Facts & Benefits You Need To Know

The Bakasana Pose of Yoga is all about balance and concentration, that strengthens the abdomen, arms, and wrists. Here we teach you how to get started!

Best Art Fairs In India – Hubs of Creativity and Cultural Diversity

Art Fairs in India are a beautiful affair that showcase talent, creativity, and diversity. Oozing with artistic spirits, these fests invite the awe of many.

Traditional Dresses of Maharashtra – The Beauty of Intricacies

The rich culture of Maharashtra is reflected in their clothing, and the beautiful traditional dresses of Maharashtra enthrall many.

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