Dilwaalon ki Dilli or Aamchi Mumbai – Which is Better?



For decades, a million-dollar question arose and turned into a heated argument every once in a while- Which is better? Delhi or Mumbai?

The stage of every political battle in India, Dilwaalon ki Dilli, is a city of rich culture and history. Whereas the financial and commercial capital of India, Aamchi Mumbai, is a city of hopes and dreams.

On the one hand, the roots of Delhi run very deep. The city itself is an icon of India’s glorious past. On the other hand, Mumbai is the mega-city driven by power, fame, and glory. They both have much to offer in their own way.

Let’s dig for the answer to this question by evaluating some characteristics:

Mumbai Climate vs Delhi Climate


Delhi has an extreme climate with intense heat in summer and frosty cold in winter, while Mumbai has moderately hot days with high levels of humidity and severe monsoons.

Delhi has hellish hot summers, and one looks forward to the winter season to kick back and relax with hot chocolate and cozy blankets.

The rains of Mumbai bring out a whole new magical side of the city; a raw clarity of life that is thrilling, edgy, and sublime, all at the same time.

If you love the charm of variety and enjoy different food as seasons change, Delhi is your place but if you love rain, then you would probably enjoy Mumbai’s monsoon.

SCORE : 50-50  

Mumbai Food vs Delhi Food

Vada Pav Image

If there is one debate Mumbai can never win it is regarding the mouth-watering food of Delhi. Sure, Mumbai has vada pav and keema pav but they alone cannot stand against Delhi’s gastronomical paradise.

Trudging the lanes of Old Delhi, you’ll be surrounded by tempting, delicious, good food. Delhi is a hit list for foodies. From Golgappas, Samosas, Paranthas, Chole Bathure to Butter Chicken, Kebab, Biryani, Rolls-it offers everything.

Delhi is truly a perfect place for different appetites, budgets, and the insatiable Indian palette.


Mumbai Night Life vs Delhi Night Life


The title “City that never sleeps” is bestowed upon Mumbai and it has no intention of losing it to Delhi. Delhi can compete with Mumbai’s clubs and riveting live music but nothing in Delhi can match up to the dark beauty of the Arabian sea stretching all the way to the horizon, or give a feel of the breeze as you walk along Juhu beach experiencing its serene beauty. Marine Drive, often called Queen’s Necklace is a fabulous place with an aerial view at night that gives Mumbai the look of a dazzling jewel.


Mumbai Accommodation vs Delhi Accommodation


In terms of the cost of living, Delhi is 8% cheaper than Mumbai.

Buying a house in Mumbai is beyond the budget of middle-class families, and the houses are smaller. Delhi is better planned and lower priced.

Whether you rent a house or buy one, Delhi seems like your best bet.

The Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said, “Delhi with all its greenery is where you live, and build your home whereas Mumbai with its high rises and corporate culture is where you build your office and work.”


Safety in Mumbai vs Delhi


Undoubtedly, Mumbai scores here. The crime rates in Delhi are around 10.1 %, while in Mumbai it is around 6%. Since the last few years, crime in Delhi especially towards women has escalated. Whereas Mumbai is not only much safer during the day but it is also much safer than Delhi at night and provides more freedom and independence.

Delhi is the city where you always need to be on guard while you enjoy its gardens, museums, and theaters. Precautions are always necessary but in Mumbai, you don’t always have to look over your shoulder.


History & Culture in Mumbai vs Delhi


Once under the spell of Mughals, Delhi is the amalgamation of rich culture and history.

Old Delhi highlights India’s culture while prominent monuments like Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, etc., preserve the history of India. Mumbai, on the other hand, bloomed under the British.

Art thrives in Delhi with many scholars, poets, and critics making it a hub of culture while Mumbai can boast of a few art galleries and museums. The Delhi art craze is on the rise and it is home to a vibrant contemporary art scene. Delhi will always stay ahead of Mumbai in terms of history and culture.


Nearby Getaways Mumbai vs Delhi


Just a few kilometres outside Delhi, one can experience amazing tourist destinations. The mesmerizing beauty of the Taj Mahal is just 231 km from Delhi. Himachal Pradesh, with its spectacular beauty, scenic landscape, snow-capped view of Manali, and enchanting beauty of Shimla is only 500 km from Delhi.

Mumbai cannot be underestimated in this aspect at all. Goa with its soothing allure is the most popular vacation spot for college students. It is around 500 km from Mumbai. Similarly, Lonavala-Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Shirdi are some of the best getaways from the monotonous rut of city life in Mumbai.


It looks like a close win for Delhi with 1 extra point. Even then, we have to admit both cities have so much to offer its people and you can enjoy it no matter where you are. So where are you headed? Delhi or Mumbai?

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