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Caleidoscope on Top 100 Green Blogs to Follow!

Here is an interesting update for all C-scope readers... We are thrilled to note that our site is featured among the Top 100 Green blogs to follow in 2013. CouponAudit has surveyed all the green and eco-friendly websites across the world and ranked them accordingly. We have been ranked 66th in their infographic on “Top 100 Green blogs to follow in 2013’. Hope our dedication towards highlighting an eco-friendly lifestyle is finally bearing fruit!

Ten Green Ways to Improve Your City Forever

1. Use public transportation- alternative fuel vehicles are increasing and can save up to 4.2 billion gallons of gas each year. 2. Open parks and trails- greenery inside the city is aesthetically pleasing and can help the production of other green products. 3. Decrease waste- at a rate of 1 million plastic bags used per minute worldwide, switching to reusable bags can have a huge impact.

Defining an Offbeat Travel Destination

When we initiated our offbeat travel destination and travelogue contest, many of our friends countered us with a specific question, “What do you mean by offbeat travel destination?” “How do you define one?”

Tip No.1 on Travel Writing: It isn’t Glamorous!

What do you need to know to become a travel writer? First, you need a back-up plan in case things don't work out. Here are some other considerations.

Caleidoscope Offbeat Travelogue Contest! [Closed]

Caleidoscope are organizing an offbeat travel contest named "Top Ten sites to visit before I die!" we would like to seek your nominations for the best tourist spots you have visited or dream to visit.

Biker Chicks Raise Eyebrows!

To say “women break into yet another male bastion” is a clichéd statement these days. However, some niches of mainstream society such as bike riding are still male dominated.

7 Must Have Things in A Traveler’s Backpack

7 of the most important things that a traveler should have in his backpack. So keep reading the article below and get accustomed to them.

What J.K. Rowling did for readers

She made people passionate about something that wasn't inappropriate. In an age where the internet, movies and television have become more and more so for young eyes

7 Tips for Summer Travel on a Budget

Here are seven tips to make it possible for you to get some needed R&R this warm season without condemning yourself to an autumn spent in the poorhouse. 

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