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“It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it perfectly” that’s her mantra for life. Before the writing-keeda bit her, she was just another techie working with some major IT companies and travelling around the world. Writing is a passion; she loves writing on varied topics and doesn’t believe in constraining to a specific section. Sharing opinions and spreading the good word around is what she loves doing and a good argument with like-minded people gets her going. Tucked away in the comfort of her home, this home-maker/writer is an obsessive shopaholic and can give you fashion advice and suggestions for hours at a stretch. From life’s lessons to tech fests, she loves learning and writing about them; have a look at her work and you will know what we are talking about.

Make an effort to learn Kannada in Bengaluru

Why learning local language is not a necessity despite residing here? It is high time we Kannadigas talk only in Kannada; only then outsiders will learn Kannada...

Essence of being a Global Indian – Part II

Continued from "Essence of being a Global Indian – Part I" Sometime ago, we at Caleidoscope sought your opinion about the emergence of a “Global Indian” amidst us. The Global...

Cultural Festivals across India [Infographic]

India is known for its numerous holidays and religious festivals. But celebration of non-religious cultural festivals is on the rise. We have compiled some of the most popular cultural festivals in India that a cultural enthusiast shouldn’t miss for the world

Alok Nath in Cyber Tsunami?

All those sports enthusiasts who love going to the stadiums to watch the game are secretly waiting for one other thing. No, it isn’t the popcorn and soda, it’s...

Need Speed Breakers in Life?

Tamanna’s affable character is very easy to identify with and you can almost easily imagine her home and her life with all its absurdities If you love chick lit, then SPEED Breakers is certainly a book that you should get your hands on. After all who doesn’t love a good rom-com?

Rare Bollywood Movies on Sports Theme – Part I

A list of sports themed Bollywood movies that have earned their spot in the classics.

Bangalore By-two Coffee!

a multi-cultured, multi-ethnic and migrant city with an amalgamation of cultures. Bangaloreans are proud people; they love talking about the awesome weather of their city and the horrific tales about the traffic jams.

Myths About School Drop Outs

We live in a society that expects us to excel only in scholastic education. With such a strict closed mindset in place, it’s only natural that school dropouts are viewed as a lost cause. Our education system does try to identify what every kid is good at, but in the end they always rate all kids based on their scholastic scores.

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