Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala to Embracing the Wilderness in You!


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Adventure and thrill is something everybody needs and being able to achieve that while in the company of mother nature is something entirely different. Kerala or God’s Own Country shelters a vast assortment of plants and animals attracting nature and wildlife aficionados from all around the country. Of course, that is perfectly natural for a state enclosed by none other than the marvelous Western Ghats which consists of around 44% of the entire state. The thriving forests deliver a flawless environment for the fostering of the ecosystem and house about 14 wildlife sanctuaries. These prime zones consist of more than a thousand species of plants and animals that comprise animals such as the Asian Elephant, Langur, Bengal Tiger, etc. as well approximately 450 species of birds. Let us dive into some of the most pristine wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

1. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tahrs in Nilgiris – Subhadip Purakayastha/Flickr

Located in the Western Ghats surrounded by lush foliage all around, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary becomes a must-visit. The distinct variety of fauna that can be spotted here comprises the Nilgiri Tahr, Hanuman Monkey, tigers, elephants, and vibrant butterflies flying around. The two rivers that go through this sanctuary, Chinnar and Pambar, add to the aura of this wildlife sanctuary. Furthermore, it is a great place for trekkers as well as adventure lovers who can check out the safari offered here.

2. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

This beautiful sanctuary in Thekkady is truly a dream come to life. A protected area or haven for tigers and elephants. Amidst this utopia, an artificial lake is situated a century back, which forms a major attraction of this place. Other animals found here include wild pigs, gaur, Indian wild dog, bonnet macaque langurs, and many more. A truly amazing way of exploring this wildlife sanctuary is by safari but this isn’t just your normal jeep safari, this is an elephant safari, quite an appropriate way to discover the wilderness, wouldn’t you say?

3. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Are you a bird-water who would jump at the chance of observing rare and exotic birds? If yes, then congratulations for you have stumbled upon the perfect place for you. This bird sanctuary also seems to be on the route of various migratory birds, originally from areas such as the Himalayas and even, Siberia. There are various activities offered at the sanctuary, the most popular among them being boating, providing you with a sense of peace and calm.

4. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
Image/Kerala Tourism/Flickr

An undiscovered gem of the state of Kerala, Wayanad wildlife Sanctuary is renowned for the world’s largest Tigers and Asian Elephants’ population throughout the globe. This mesmerizing sanctuary also is 8th on the list of the World’s Biodiversity Hotspots. The prominent fauna that can be noticed here are barking deer, sambar, otter, panther and so many more. You absolutely can’t forget to carry a camera because trust me when I say this might just be the most picturesque place you have ever seen.

5. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

One of Kerala’s most popular fascinations, the Thattekad Bird Sanctuary’s formation is solely due to the efforts of Dr. Salim Ali who through his survey pointed out the scope the place possessed for the development of avian life. Some tropical species of birds found here include the Malabar Parakeet, Rufous Babbler, Yellow-Browed Bulbul, While-bellied Blue Flycatcher and so many more. Home to over 300 species of birds, this is a breath-taking bird sanctuary that is a must-visit for any bird-watching enthusiast.

6. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary, situated in the Western Ghats is certainly a sight to see. The area is covered with the most exquisite flora, which includes both evergreens and deciduous trees. The wildlife here consists of spotted deer, Nilgiri Langaur, elephants, gaur, and many more. Apart from spotting the diverse variety of fauna here, you can also go for a trek to the nearby Meenmutty falls. The good news for bird watchers, this sanctuary is home to around 188 different species of birds.

7. Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Thrissur, this is one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala. Characterized by lush green forests, a myriad of animals, plants, and avian life, this wildlife sanctuary has a plethora to offer. Home to rare species of flora and fauna, your experience here will surely be memorable. Other activities that you can partake in here are trekking and bamboo rafting, a must-try. The wildlife here includes the Indian porcupine, small Indian civet, common otter, slender loris, wild buffalo, etc.

8. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala-Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

At the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, you will observe animals roaming around such as the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Barking deer, porcupines, mouse deer, jackal, and many more. On top of this, you get to experience the truly entrancing nature of this sanctuary. Here, surrounded by forests, you will achieve a sense of peace at its very pinnacle. One of the major attractions of this place is the Idukki Reservoir here which is hauntingly beautiful. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to take the safari to explore its complete magnificence.

What could be more thrilling than marveling at the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of Kerala? It’s an absolutely enthralling adventure and when in a wildlife sanctuary, it’s all the more amazing to witness animals roaming around instead of being locked up in a cage and you can actually serve as a witness to the efforts being undertaken for wildlife preservation. It is, after all, rightly said, “All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain.

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