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Turmeric – The Flawless Flavor of Indian Culture

Turmeric or Haldi is one such Indian kitchen/social/religious ingredient that has for years been a vital part of the Indian culture, adding color and flavors into all that it is poured into.
Rangoli Mural

Indian Home Decor Ideas that Reflect Indian Culture

India is a land of rich culture and heritage and this is used to best advantage in amazing Indian home decor ideas that add beauty and elegance to your home

Indian culture – State vs National

Indian culture - Whenever I introduce myself to someone new, the first thing they ask is ‘Where I am basically from?’ Before answering this particular question, I take my own time to think.
Indian culture

Indian culture… what’s that?

we at Caleidoscope have created a visual survey to understand people's opinion about Indian culture. Please do participate in this visual survey and help us define our culture.
Indian Youth

Indian Youth – A Generation of Culture-Wreckers?

Indian Youth - Are we really a generation of selfie-obsessed windbags and culture-wreckers?
Culture of Indian States

Understanding the Culture of Indian States [Infographic]

Indian States - While diversity is the essence of our Indian culture, many of us are unaware of the differences that actually unite various regions of the country. Here are the major dividing yet uniting cultural differences

Indian Elections –The Country’s Maha Tyohaar

The right to vote, which we the citizens of this nation are given once in five years if not before, to choose the leaders who will charter a path of success, growth, inclusion and stability for the country.

The Indian Beach Dairies

It is hence no wonder that beaches dot the peripheral edges of the country and are generously scattered in all the coastline states.