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Sweet Memories Revisited: Malai Kulfi

The loud yelling of Malai Kulfi vendors might have irritated us during the childhood, but who knew there could be a lot of sweet memories connected with it?
Eco-Friendly Eating - Lodhi Garden Restaurant

Eco-friendly Eating out at Lodhi Gardens

Eating out at weekends has become a part of our lives. Why not make it an 'eco-friendly eating' time by trying organic food for a change?
Tea Shop India

India’s Streetside Coffee and Tea Culture

Be it a metro city or a small town, there are little streetside coffee and tea shops in nearly every street across India, and a couple of regular drinkers.
Maharashtrian food

Connect with Local – Serving Authentic Food of Maharashtra

We are losing the authenticity of our regional culture and cuisines. It is hard to find a good restaurant that can serve you authentic Maharashtrian food.
Travel khana food

Tasty treat on trains – Travel Khana

Travel Khana - Food on train companies now provide a range of food delivery services for travellers. So let’s hope the stale food on Indian Railways will be a thing of the past!
DU Food - Tandoori-Momo-at-QDs

DU Food Haunts – A foodie’s paradise!

DU Food Haunts – It becomes necessary to highlight the non-academic aspects of Delhi University. DU is not just about sky-high marks and lectures in derelict buildings; it is also a foodie’s paradise.
Delhi University Food -Mutton-Dosa

Delhi University Food Haunts – Gastronomic Excellence!

Whether you are a student, an alumnus or a visitor, one thing is certain – when in Delhi University, academic excellence goes hand in hand with gastronomic pleasure!
Vegan meals

Venture out on Vegan Meals!

Veganism is becoming a much talked about food concept that is rising in trend, which was first adopted by environmentalists and animal rights activists. But when I first came across this concept I wondered while avoiding meat to an extent was surely possible.
Mumbai Café Mondegar

Munching on the streets of Mumbai

We searched for the 40 best places to eat out in Mumbai! right from Chowpatty to Church Gate, Colaba to Marine Drive

An Obsession called Ilish Maachh

The Bengali Bhadralok have a fancy for many things and chief among them is fish or ‘Feesh’ It is a Bengali ritual for the man of the house to go to the market daily to buy a fresh supply of fish which must be a part of the daily menu. The queen of fish ‘Hilsa’, popularly known as ‘Ilish maachh’, in the Bengali language, is the heartbeat of Bengali cuisine and diet.