Asit Bhagat

I am a management professional who likes to write on nature, wildlife, conservation, sustainable development, social issues, and technology. When free, I spend some time doing birdwatching and engage in nature photography.

Shraavana, the Season of Ecstasy for Wildlife

During Shraavana nature displays her all colours. Look above, and you get to see the vast expanse of bright and clear blue sky dotted with pure white clouds which can soon turn into fierce grey overcast. Flowers blossom to their maximum beauty and the air is redolent of their sweet fragrances.

Birdwatching during the Lockdown: How Nature Arrived at My Doorstep

For the first few days, I didn’t try to take pictures of the birds, because I enjoyed watching them more than photographing them. The sunbirds now became accustomed to my presence, and would allow me watch them from close quarters.

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