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Jamini Roy – A Treasure of Modern Folk Art

Some artists break all these barriers to become truly celebrated and their work becomes world renowned. Jamini Roy also belongs to this league.

What Makes Ahmedabad a World Heritage City?

To the much rejoice of Ahmedabadis (or Ahmedavadis),and the rest of the country, Ahmedabad is now a World Heritage City. For over 600 years, Ahmedabad has been a symbol of peace. It also houses some of the finest example of Indo-islamic architecture.
Kolkata Coffee House

The Kolkatan obsession with Coffee House

Kolkata Coffee House has been a constant place for people of all ages to gather, sip on coffee and munch on food while discussing every topic under the sun
Image of a stepwell (Panna Meena Ka Kund)

Ancient Indian Stepwells Show us the Way to Conserve Water – Part I

To survive drought conditions, stepwells were built across the country and the best are compiled here by well-known stepwell traveller, Jatin Chhabra

The Teenage Shiva Cult: Trapped in Illusion of Spirituality?

Shiva cult is becoming a popular culture among Indian teenagers who tend to misinterpret the God’s symbols and are trapped in an illusion of spirituality

Delhi’s Music – The Soul’s Companion

Delhi's Music - Delhi boasts of a rich tradition of music from the time of the Mughals to the modern day hip hop and rock and so it is perfect for music connoisseurs

Places You Must Explore in Delhi on a Shoestring Budget

Delhi, the capital city of India also know as Dilwalon ki Dilli has a rich cultural heritage that blends naturally with the modern world....
Buddha Sculpture

Buddha Statue : Add One to your Home

Buy an idol or Buddha Statue of your choice online to bring luck to your home this Buddha Poornima

Hanging Pillars and Frescos – Gems of Quaint Lepakshi

Being a history buff, I had always wanted to visit Lepakshi to see the largest monolithic Nandi there and also the famed Lepakshi sarees.
Monuments in India - Golden_Temple_in_Amritsar_India

Unusual Historic Religious Monuments in India

More seasoned foreign travellers know that there is always more to discover in India. Here is a list of unusual historical and religious monuments across India...