Introduction is an Indian cultural magazine that intends to collect interesting experiences and unique information on niche subjects such as eco-ideas, offbeat travel, alternative lifestyle, volunteering, design, art & culture, nostalgia, etc. The primary reason for setting up C-scope is to compile and preserve those endearing aspects of our lives and culture, which would soon become nostalgia.

Our audience

Caleidoscope caters to a niche audience who are:

  • Well educated liberal Indians
  • Residing in India or abroad
  • Concerned about preserving the Indian culture
  • Want to do make a difference by sharing their experiences

Advertising options

By advertising on Caleidoscope you can cater to a diverse and discerning audience that is moving away from the mainstream towards an alternative lifestyle. We offer you these options to advertise:

  • Sponsored articles – You can sponsor an article on a particular theme which will be considered as a regular feature on our homepage. However, the article’s content will be edited to ensure suitability and remove typos, objectionable content, excess links, etc.
  • Product reviews – You can ask our writers to write reviews of your product either as an individual feature or as a part of a compilation.
  • Ad banners – Available on different sections, please contact us for more information.

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