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I'm just a simple guy in this complicated world! Also a struggling writer and poet trying to make my mark in this universe. Complicated, fun-loving, dreamer, pre-occupied, are the few adjectives that I would use to describe myself! 🙂

Food in Kolkata – Gastronomer’s Delight

Being a confluence for people from across the world, food in Kolkata truly a gastronomer’s delight. Bengali cuisine is a blend of Oriental and Indian culinary

Top 7 Cultural Festivals of India

Every state in India has its traditional festival when people become culturally alive. Here are the top 7 cultural festivals of India that embody the diversity

Folk Art Forms of India – Defining Our Cultural Diversity

The best known folk art forms of India that are flourishing with a well-established market for their artefacts are featured here

The Last Sunshine: A Farewell to College Life

The Last day at college is always painful. We leave behind the place where we spent the most beautiful years of our lives, taking with us a lot of memories.

7 Revolutionary Directors of Indian Cinema

A list of seven revolutionary directors who had made their mark in the Indian Cinema with their legendary films.

10 Places to Engage Culturally on Weekends in Kolkata

For the people who seek to learn more about the city while unwinding themselves, here is a list of few places to engage culturally on weekends in Kolkata.

12 Things from the 80s and 90s that are almost extinct now

Here's a list of 12 things from the 80s and 90s which were once an inevitable part of our childhood but are almost nonexistent today.

Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time

We all love Superheroes, but did you know our country has its fair share of these super beings? Here is list of 10 Indian Superheroes with amazing powers.

Top Indian Pop Bands and Singers that Ruled Our Hearts Forever

Music is something that has been constantly evolving in our country. This list of Indian Pop bands and Singers from the past will make you nostalgic.

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