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Why Park Street Describes Kolkata in a Nutshell

We walked around Park Street together and explored the city through the childlike eye of my friend. 

24 Hours in Kolkata

Kolkata is a delightful experience. One that must be savoured through every moment. If you have only a day to spend in this wonderful city, do pick up some great books and music on your way back.

Cine Central Calcutta (Kolkata)

Cine Central, Calcutta came into existence at a time when there was great socio –economic-cultural upheaval throughout the world. Cinema was changing very fast....

Nostalgia on the Streets of Kolkata

The streets of Kolkata that have been culturally woven into the fabric of the city and presents a rich history of the yesteryears. It is said that kolkata lives in its streets.
Kolkata Coffee House

The Kolkatan obsession with Coffee House

Kolkata Coffee House has been a constant place for people of all ages to gather, sip on coffee and munch on food while discussing every topic under the sun

Culturally Kolkata – A handguide to the city’s way of life

Kolkata a harmonious mélange of past and the present, is an epitome of cultural modernity. Read on to know more about artistic highlights of the city

Kolkata – Culture & Lifestyle

The word ‘Bengali’ evokes a lot of emotion and is synonymous with art, culture, food, music, cinema and everything connected to finer aspects of life.

Literature & Books in Kolkata

It is apt for a city obsessed with books to have a street dedicated to books in Kolkata

Food in Kolkata – Gastronomer’s Delight

Being a confluence for people from across the world, food in Kolkata truly a gastronomer’s delight. Bengali cuisine is a blend of Oriental and Indian culinary

10 Places to Engage Culturally on Weekends in Kolkata

For the people who seek to learn more about the city while unwinding themselves, here is a list of few places to engage culturally on weekends in Kolkata.