Anubhav Sharma

A writer, who loves to see things differently. Born and brought up in a small town in Odisha, Anubhav moved to Pune for further studies and ended up being a writer. After working for a couple of esteemed organisation, he gave up job to work as freelance and pursue his dreams. He believes that one should always follow their heart.

Section 377 Abolishment – Another Side of Story

The abolishment of Section 377 has brought a wave of joy in the country. Queer community and their supporters have finally taken a breath of relief after fighting against...

The other side of Parenthood

There is so much more to parenthood than just upbringing of their kids because the behaviour of parents affects their children in ways they cannot think of.

Freedom of Speech – Do We Have it Really?

The Freedom of Speech still remains one of our fundamental rights. But the true question is whether we really have it.

Connect with Local – Serving Authentic Food of Maharashtra

We are losing the authenticity of our regional culture and cuisines. It is hard to find a good restaurant that can serve you authentic Maharashtrian food.

India’s Most Socially Concerned Celebrities

Continued from Celebrities supporting social causes These celebrities are showing that there are better reasons to follow them, apart from their on-screen work. Due to their work, it has become trendy...

Indian Celebrities Supporting Social Causes

These movie celebrities are playing a vital role in shaping our society. Due to them, it is now trendy for Indian celebrities supporting social causes...

Freedom to speak freely, is it?

I thought we are living in a democratic nation where every citizen has certain rights. However, our fundamental rights, like ‘Right to the Freedom of Speech’ can’t be practiced with freedom.

Eco Fashion Becomes Trendy!

Green products have gained momentum. With technology, a lot of eco fashion materials have been introduced to the fashion industry.

Indian culture – State vs National

Indian culture - Whenever I introduce myself to someone new, the first thing they ask is ‘Where I am basically from?’ Before answering this particular question, I take my own time to think.

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