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Does Violence in Films Influence Society?

It is true that violence in films has existed since its inception. But its glorification can be a risk factor as it might influence the society.

Documentary Films in India that Broadens Our Horizon of Thought

As the world watches the latest set of Oscar awards, we look at some documentary films in India that have been created by experts and novices alike.

Rare Bollywood Movies on Sports Theme – Part I

A list of sports themed Bollywood movies that have earned their spot in the classics.

The Most Mysterious Places in India for Daring Travelers

If you’re into mysterious stories, the following mysterious places in India will awaken your curiosity to explore and get scared.

Voyaging into the blue – Scuba diving at Kavaratti

Scuba diving and exploring the marine life is probably on everyone's bucket list. But it takes a lot to be a scuba diver. Read more.

Thrilling Experiences of MTB Himalaya

MTB-Himalaya - Those golden rays of sun, frosty whiff, left ashes and continuing fire splinters, those twines of deodar tree and psychedelic adventures were enough to make me feel yanked with excitement.

Raja Ravi Varma’s Career in Two Paintings

Raja Ravi Varma was a rare master of European techniques and Indian sensibilities. It’s common to see painters from his era, trained in the European style

Shimoga Hosts Ambegalu 2 Short Film Festival

There was such hype about Ambegalu 2 Short Film Festival that I had to attend it. Ambegalu indicates the first steps taken by a film director or an actor

Reminiscing Music Through the Decades

Author: Jitendra Bhojwani What would Bollywood movies be without music? Ever thought about that? It is difficult, ain’t it? Songs are an integral part of the movies. So much that now even before the film’s release,...

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