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Shimoga Hosts Ambegalu 2 Short Film Festival

There was such hype about Ambegalu 2 Short Film Festival that I had to attend it. Ambegalu indicates the first steps taken by a film director or an actor

Best Indian Short Films: Big Statements in Small Time Frames Part II

Indian Short Films pan the corners of society which are easily forgotten and brings out interesting perspectives and messages in a very short span of time.

Best Indian Short Films: Big Ideas in Small Time Frames

Best Indian Short Films - Short Films help raise the important questions in society as it conveys big ideas in a short time frame with maximum impact, urging people to think deeply.

Acting Lessons from Inside the Actors Studio

What does it take to make it big in the ‘reel’ world of acting? Hard work, luck and something else that'll set you on the path to stardom

Does Bollywood Reflect Indian Society?

Why is it that movies these days fetch box office numbers rather than focus on problems in the society? The popular movies support objectification and corrupt the mind and body, no matter whether it is of a man or a woman.

Will Bajirao Mastani Come Alive in Movie Halls Today?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's period drama, Bajirao Mastani, is all set to release today. However, the film has drawn criticism for allegedly distorting facts

7 Memorable Silent Movies of Indian Cinema

It was an era when actors could not talk and worked hard on their acting skills. Let’s take a look at some of the famous silent movies of Indian cinema

Sahir Ludhianvi – The ‘People’s Poet’

Sahir Ludhianvi, the ‘People’s Poet’ was the voice of common people; he experienced to the fullest extent that every person undergoes in the face of tragedies

Top 10 Indian Children Movies You Must Watch

Here, is the list of 10 Indian Children Movies that led to a bigger social impact on every child ‘s mind.

Does Violence in Films Influence Society?

It is true that violence in films has existed since its inception. But its glorification can be a risk factor as it might influence the society.

7 Revolutionary Directors of Indian Cinema

A list of seven revolutionary directors who had made their mark in the Indian Cinema with their legendary films.

How the Digital Space is Saving Indie-Filmmakers

In the age where Bollywood is monopolizing the Indian cinema, Digital Spectrum has come to the rescue of many passionate Indie-Filmmakers.

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